Angel in Jail
By Gary Marbut

Angel Shamaya, founder of is in jail in Michigan, having been arrested for possession of firearms not properly registered under Michigan law.

Angel's friends are working to help him with this problem, but we need your help, right now!

We need character references from you for Angel.  There is a form letter for you to fill out and send back at:

Be advised that Angel's problem is happening in the Detroit area, where a strong anti-gun sentiment exists in the criminal justice system.  So, we are asking you to downplay gun-rights and gun-related comments.  We will NOT deliver to the court any disparaging letters about Michigan or Michigan laws.  Stay on the high ground.

Please, download a copy of the draft letter.  Add one sentence of personal comment if you wish - no more.

This is for upstanding, legitimate citizens only.  So, we want you to add your name, mail address, and phone number to the letter, so the judge seeing these will accept your letter and will not think you are some flake.

You may email your completed letter, either as an attached MSWord (.doc) file, or pasted into the body of your email, either to or to  So we can pick it out from our many other emails, PLEASE make the SUBJECT of your email:  "Angel reference."  We will see that these letters get to Angel's attorney ASAP.

Please pass this on to your friends for action.  We need letters from everyone who knows or knows of, and appreciates Angel.

Thanks loads for your help.

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana