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What are "Cookies"?

This area of Keep and Bear Arms uses cookies.  Read all about Cookies, below.

Keep and Bear Arms utilizes a complex Active Server Page/cookie system for logging into such areas as our Membership system, news posts and FREE email.  In order to visit some of the Keep and Bear Arms pages, you must have cookies "enabled" on your computer.  This area discusses what cookies are, how they work, why they are beneficial and non-intrusive, and how to "enable" cookies on your computer if they are not already enabled.

What are cookies?
Cookies are simply bits of information, small text files (usually less than 1K in size), that your browser picks up at many Web sites and stores on your hard drive. They are not programs or applets that can run on your computer.

Where do cookies come from?
You. Yes, that's right. Most of the time, the data stored on the text files comes from information you have supplied at a Web site. This information may be your zip code, your username, any information that you have provided at an online form.

What are cookies used for?
Personalized content delivery is one of the most effective uses of cookies. Keep and Bear Arms uses cookies to deliver all the special, personal content members choose and to identify themselves as Keep and Bear Arms members. Without cookies, you will be unable to access or join Keep and Bear Arms as a member.

A cookie often functions as a small, digital ID badge. With them, Web sites can "remember" who you are and what your preferences are. Without such a record, a Web site must treat you like a brand new visitor every time you visit the site.

What does Keep and Bear Arms use cookies for?
Keep and Bear Arms (as noted above) primarily uses cookies to remember who you are so you don't have to log in every time you want to post a comment to access the members section. We also hold some of your information that you've entered to our member area to make it easier to display this information to you.

What else are they used for?
Online shopping and Web site tracking are other common uses of cookies.

In online shopping, cookies are used to create a virtual "shopping cart," which can remember the items you have selected as you switch from one page to another within the site. If you are forced to terminate your connection while shopping, the items will remain in your shopping cart until you reconnect to the site.

Web developers and webmasters like cookies because cookies provide them with information. Cookies can tell the webmasters how many unique visits their sites have had, how often users return, where they go, and what they like. This information can help them generate more effective pages. For example, they may be able to eliminate "dead ends," places on their site where people go and then wander off because there are no more interesting links to click on.

What about advertisers? How do they use cookies?
Advertising companies can use cookies to target ad banners. One large advertising network, DoubleClick, has come under some criticism for trying to track customers by creating cookie-generated profiles. The company then tries to serve you with ad banners they think you will respond to; it claims not, however, to gather personal information or sell any of its cookie data.  We NEVER will, and you can see our Privacy Policy for more about where we stand regarding the RIGHT to privacy.

If cookies are text files, who can read this text?
A cookie can only be read by the site domain that created it. Webmasters can NOT snoop through all your cookies and find out information about you.

Can a cookie carry a computer virus that will infect my computer?
No. Viruses are carried by executable files. Since cookies are text only, which cannot contain executable files, they cannot carry viruses.

So what's the big deal? Why do some people object to cookies?
Some anti-cookie sentiment is based on misinformation and paranoia: That cookies are malicious, that they can snoop around your hard drive and gather information about you, that they can reveal personal information. But cookies are simple text files that can NOT capture any information about you. They only store information you have voluntarily provided while visiting a site. And browsers already reveal some information about you without cookies: your IP address, operating system, browser type, etc.

Do I have to accept cookies?
No, you do not. Most browsers can be configured to refuse all cookies, but choosing this setting will make you lose out on many features of the Web. You will, for instance, NOT be able to use the Keep and Bear Arms membership system or forum system and you will NOT be able to save any personalized features if you do not accept any cookies. In many cases, you will not be able to shop online either, and that goes for MANY web sites.  Cookies are also used in tracking misuse of people's credit cards, for example, and many larger ecommerce sites require them for just that reason--to protect the consumer.

Can I accept some and reject others?
Yes, you can. It is common for people to set their browsers to alert them before accepting a cookie. This way you can pick and choose which ones you want to accept.

How do I set my browser so I can accept or reject cookies?
You can configure your Web browser to alert you before accepting cookies if you are using any current web browser.


Mozilla Firefox 
In version 3.0, go to the Tools menu and select Options. In the menu pane, click Privacy. Below find the section titled Cookies and check the box labeled Accept cookies from sites. Click OK.

In this same pane you can click Show Cookies... to see what cookies are on your computer and the exact information held in your cookies!


Internet Explorer
In version 7.0 go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Click the Privacy tab. Move the slider to the Medium Level or you can click the Advanced button and select specific settings. Click OK.

In this same pane you can click the Sites button which will allow you to explicitly allow or deny cookies from a specific web site.

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