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Newslinks for Thursday, April 28
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Armed Worship: Mixing God and Guns
Disarmament Cloaked As “Common Sense”
Garland’s Antagonism Toward The Second Amendment
Huffington Post Now Apparently Hiring Stoners To Write About Gun Policy
Justice Stevens Is Wrong About the Constitution, Again
Variety: Hollywood Increasingly Involved with Gun Control Lobby
Gun Rights Legal Action
GA: Federal Judge Upholds Gun Bans at Army Corps Recreation Areas
Self-Defense News and Views
MN: Richfield man acquitted of murder in 2013 shooting death of another man
WV: Man found not guilty in Lincoln County murder and malicious wounding case
News and Views from the Antis
Brady Campaign: Plugin will remove gunmens’ information from search results
LA: Study: Small percentage of homicides justifiable
Why not smarter guns?
Politicians and Legislation
AL: Changes proposed for Phenix City ordinance on discharging firearm
CT: Police, lawmakers support bill requiring those who open carry to show police gun permit
LA: Gun control plans in New Orleans a misfire
MO: Constitutional Carry Bill Passes Missouri House; Heads to Senate for Vote
MO: Missouri House: No Permit Necessary to Carry Concealed
NY: Kingston shooting range debate not over yet
From the States
FL: Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey receives one of NRA’s highest honors
FL: Workshop set for women who want to lose fear of firearms
GA: 2016 USCCA Concealed Carry Expo April 29th – May 1st in Atlanta, Georgia
NY: Judge Richards will still handle St. Lawrence County pistol permits
TX: Why These Women Carry Handguns

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Newslinks for Wednesday, April 27
Comments and Commentary
Gun Rights Issues Revisited
Is America Getting Tired of Clinton's Gun Control Obession Yet?
Landrieu's Anti-Gun Speech at Tulane is Confederate Crime-Fighting Effort
More U.S. Gun Regulation is Inevitable
Taxing Guns, Ammo: There Isn't a Tax That Politicians Don't Love
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Innovative Sight Gear for Archers
Kids Taken After Internet Sensation 'Southern Momma' Shoots Phones, Burns Mattresses
Moms Who Carry Concealed
Stoeger P3000 Shotgun Captures Performance and Value
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
MS: Naked Man Attempts Sex Assault, Held at Gunpoint By Homeowners, Sheriff Says
Self-Defense News and Views
NY: Grand Jury Clears Man in Fatal Packard Court Shooting
UT: Riverdale Man Acted in Self-Defense When He Shot, Killed girlfriend, Police Say
News and Views from the Antis
A Win for Viewers: This Anti-Gun MSNBC
Amy Schumer (Chuck Schumer's allegedly "humorous" cousin) Gets Candid About Gun Violence
Giffords Gun Control Group Focuses on NH in Launching Push to Close ‘Terror Gap’
Professors Vent About Campus Carry in Private Tennessee Poll
UGA Faculty Members Express Concern Over ‘Campus Carry’
Politicians and Legislation
AZ: House Backs Bill Allowing Guns in Public Buildings
IL: Bills Would Limit Mentally Ill from Owning Guns
MN: Senate To Discuss 2 Bills on Gun Sales
MO: House Proposes Expansion of Concealed Carry, Castle Doctrine
Force-on-Force Training
The "Authorities"
MN: Sheriff Petitions for Concealed Carry Revocation in Winona County Case
PA: Stolen Guns Case Moves Slowly
Update: Former Ellis County Lieutenant Accused Of Stealing Guns
From the States
AZ: Maricopa to Allow Guns in Most City Buildings and Parks
IL: Elmhurst Committee Discusses Where Firearms Might be Sold
IN: Doctor Wants His Guns Back
MA: Members Line Up for New Indoor Gun Range
MI: More Than 100 Guns, Knives Found At Home Amid Break-In Probe
MI: Local Gun Enthusiasts have Shot at New Reality TV Show
MI: Tea Party to Discuss Concealed Pistols
MT: Gun and Antique Show, Swap Meet Hit Fairgrounds This Weekend
NV: DA Wolfson Endorses Initiative to Mandate Background Checks on Gun Sales
NY: Gun-Shooting Law Amendment Likely to Be Revised
RI: Bill to Create Gun-Free Zone Around Schools Draws Crowd to Senate Hearing
SD: Murder Suspect Apparently Claims Self-Defense Within the Vortex of Social Media
VA: Arlington Gun Store’s Owner Sues Critics, Says Opponents Issued Death Threats

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Newslinks for Tuesday, April 26
Comments and Commentary
Big Government Can’t Fight Terrorism at Home
Gun Rights and Property Rights Slug It Out in the Parking Lot
Seattle Restaurant Incident Heightens Focus on CCW, Self-Defense
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Brigham Young's Pistol Up for Auction
Handgun Hunting 101: The Gear, Cartridges, and Tips You Need to Get Started
How Much Should a Shotgun Weigh?
Review: RIA .22 TCM Conversion Kits
The Gun Vault: U.S. Presidents Guns
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
FL: Felon With Gun Killed By Man With Concealed Carry Permit, Orlando Police Say
Self-Defense News and Views
MS: Fatal Corinth Shooting Ruled as Self-Defense
News and Views from the Antis
Clinton and Sanders Fight Over Gun Control Ahead of Connecticut's Primary
Lena Dunham: Why I Chose Hillary Clinton
Michael Stipe Wants to Grab Our Guns
Right-Wingers Pledge to Carry Guns to Bathroom to Fend Off Trans Folks
The Day I Told My Father to Shoot Himself
When Fourth-Grade Problems Include Gunfire
Politicians and Legislation
NJ: Democrats Block Christie as He Tries to Ease Up on Gun Rules
OK: Battle Over Gun Bills Heats Up at the State Capitol as Lawmakers Hash Out Details
From the States
AZ: No Charges in Mescal Shooting Death
CA: San Fran Now Has Highest Per Capita Property Crime Rate In The US
LA: Residents are Gun-Toting, Monument Supporters
NH: Charities Seek Healing for Veterans Through Fishing, Hunting
NY: Livingston County Seeks to Make Big Game Rifle Hunting Permanent
PA: 'There are a Lot of Guns in This City'

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Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Nations and peoples who forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms. — Robert Heinlein

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