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NRA Grassroots Bolting From Jones

"Ignore Candidate Endorsed by HQ, Work for Opponent"

February 28, 2002 -- In a surprising development, California NRA-affiliated grassroots activists are ignoring the organization's endorsement of Bill Jones and scrambling to support Bill Simon in the Golden State gubernatorial primary.

The Westside Los Angeles NRA Members Council has issued an email alert encouraging its members to mobilize on behalf of Simon. This dramatic action follows Simon's recent surge in the polls where he has surpassed expected front-runner Richard Riordan and left Jones in distant third place at 9%.

Because Jones supporters will take away critically needed votes and because this could throw the primary to the anti-gun Riordan, this organization has been reporting on the race and advocating that gun activists and conservatives persuade Jones to withdraw and NRA to throw its considerable support behind Simon.

The text of the Members Council alert follows:

Amazingly, new polls, such as this one -

show that Bill Simon Jr. has pulled even with Richard Riordan in the Republican primary race for governor of California! Simon, who previously trailed Riordan by a wide margin, is now tied with him at 31%, among likely Republican primary voters. 22% are still undecided.

Instead of waffling, wouldn't-know-a-principle-if-it-bit-him, NRA-F-rated Riordan, there is a great chance that we could have a strong pro-RKBA Republican candidate for governor! Simon is rated "A" by the NRA, the highest rating that the NRA can give a non-incumbent. He would be the most pro-RKBA Republican California gubernatorial candidate since Ronald Reagan.

You are urged to tell your freedom loving friends about this development - Mr. Simon needs every vote and campaign worker he can get to pull off this monumental upset. Let your friends know that we really have a chance!

Please forward this message to others who may have not heard about this amazing development. This includes mailing lists that have a chance of reaching at least some California voters. Also, don't forget out-of-state friends who can forward this message to Californians you yourself may not know.

The election is March 5th, 5 days away. Let's roll, people!