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Newslinks for Wednesday, September 17
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
‘No Angel’ Dobyns wins 'David and Goliath’ challenge against ATF
Anti-gun ‘Tampon Run’ game puts messy spin on blood dancing
Busting The Top 3 Myths About The Second Amendment
Grassroots versus gun grabbers: Planned October events show contrast
More Area Wins for Team GLOCK on the Road to the GLOCK Sponsored USPSA Nationals
Gear Review: ODIN Works KMod Forend – 15.5" (video available)
Relaxing at the Range
"Justice" for Shaneen Allen?
NJ: Judge, Prosecutor Who Let Ray Rice Go Denied Philly Mom Who Carried Licensed Gun
NJ: Legislative remedy urged for handgun case
News and Views from the Antis
A New Strategy?
Brady Campaign To Sue LuckyGunner for Selling Ammo Used in Aurora Shooting
Prohibitionists Give up on Semi-Auto Gun Bans? Not So Fast
What’s Gun Control’s Next Target?
Politicians and Legislation
Obama administration forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity
Obama urges new gun laws in wake of Navy Yard shooting
Senate Democrats Demand ‘Substantive Research’ On Gun Violence’s Public Health Effects
AL: Voters to decide whether to add more protection for gun rights to state constitution
AZ: Giffords' group aims anti-stalker ad at McSally
CA: Media Advisory: Firearms Manufacturer's Trade Association to Present Economic Impact Report of California's Traditional Lead Ammunition Ban
DC: D.C. Council, mayor crafting bill governing gun carry outside the home
FL: Florida Looks to Expand Legal Hunting with Suppressors
GA: Carter grandson keeps distance from family legacy in tight race for Georgia governor
MO: Wash U Expert: Missouri lawmakers expand gun rights
NJ: Anti-crime bill honoring Dt. Marc DiNardo passes NJ Assembly 79-0
NY: Karl Brabenec Endorsed by New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
OR: Wehby: When support for rights is no support at all
PA: NRA Endorses Tom Corbett for Governor in Pennsylvania
TN: 'Hybrid' candidate Ball hopes to unseat Alexander
The "Authorities"
Can the Veterans Administration Revoke Your Second Amendment Rights?
CA: Former Clovis officer Kyle Pennington pleads no contest to domestic violence
IN: Fired officer facing additional drug-related charges
IN: Hebron police: FBI investigating former chief
TN: Former Assistant Police Chief Not Charged In Shooting Of Stepson
TX: Austin Police Officer Suspended After College Station Arrest for Public Urination
TX: Madisonville Police K-9 Found Dead In Patrol Car
WI: Video Proves Milwaukee Police Officer Saw Illegal Strip Search, She Denied Watching
From the States
CA: Abolishing Second Amendment won’t erase desire to kill
IN: Tully wrong about carrying guns in public
MS: ‘Shoot the idiots’ then call the coroner’s office, says Miss. coroner
OH: Private Buyers Compete for Guns at Toledo “Buy Back”
PA: Eric Matthew Frein, 31, wanted in Blooming Grove shooting, police say
WI: Imagine That: A Bar That Will Teach You How To Shoot (video available)

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Newslinks for Tuesday, September 16
Comments and Commentary
‘Reporter’ sheds pretenses of objectivity repeating Sly James food and guns lie
Rabbis reject calls for ‘gun control’ by Jewish religious groups
The Sleeve: Feeling Safe v. Being Safe
29th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference In Chicago Sept. 26-28 2014
‘Forty-percenters’ get drubbing, again, this time in Nevada
Gun Owners of America Defending the Second Amendment in Court
The Next Phase: 3D Printed Imura Revolver Hybrid Development
From the Enemy Camp
Another Mayor Says Thousands are Killed by Guns
Charles Krauthammer, Shannon Watts and the Assault Weapon Ban
HuffPo: “Most Americans” Think Kids and Guns Don’t Mix
Politicians and Legislation
CA: Adam Gray receives recognition from California Rifle and Pistol Association
KY: KY Dem Senate Candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes Guns for Mitch McConnell (video available)
NH: 5th District: Esty, Greenberg back expanded gun restrictions in domestic violence cases
OR: Wehby endorsed by NRA
SD: Electing Mike Rounds a step backward
TX: Competing visions of state’s future on November ballot
From the States
NJ: New Hope for Philly Mom Arrested for Licensed Gun
NY: CGSA banquet full of fun, drama
NY: Trucker gets 10 days in jail for making death threats to Maloney
PA: Pa. trooper shooter may have had military or police training
Oath Honoring LEOs vs. Their Disreputable Colleagues
Random Thoughts About Good Cops
GA: Ga. cop accused of inappropriate relationship with boy, 14
MO: 17-yr-old In Critical Condition After Window Malfunction Leads to Tasering During Traffic Stop
NC: CMPD officer charged with assault after pushing man into wall (video available)
OK: Oklahoma state trooper jailed on sex assault complaints
TX: Judge: Gun-Toting Veterinarian Can Pursue Civil Rights
TX: Texas Police Prepare To Defend International Bridges From Militia Groups

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Homeowner shoots at intruder (CO)
OpSD --"A burglary Saturday at a residence on the 2600 block of Aster Street was thwarted when the homeowner shot at the intruder at 5:33 a.m."

Homeowner shoots man after assault at his home (TN)
OpSD --"The victim, who came to the door with a pistol, was reportedly assaulted after he told the men to leave. He said he was in fear of his safety, so he fired his weapon, hitting Weiss in the leg and chest."

PD: Suspect shot, killed while trying to rob medical pot seller (AZ)
OpSD --"Crump said the suspect's attention was diverted and the victim also pulled a handgun and shot the suspect several times."

Police: Resident shoots, wounds teen breaking into home (OH)
OpSD --"Cincinnati Police Capt. Bridge Bardua said two teens broke into the side window of home on Kenneth Avenue. The homeowner fired shots and hit one of the teens, who then ran about a block away."

Suspected burglar shot in face by Jackson resident (MS)
OpSD --"Johnderious Curtis shot a suspected burglar in the face Sunday."

Texas Woman Shoots Intruder Who Broke In and Tried to Choke Her (TX)
OpSD --"It seems that a woman in San Antonio, Texas was able to use a firearm to save her life from an intruder who broke into her apartment and was trying to choke her."

Newslinks for Monday, September 15
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
‘Progressive’-influenced pediatrician wants pass on boundary violations for guns
Costing The Anti's Some Money
Gun Hero of the Day: Vikram Khanna
“An estimated 40% of gun transfers take place without going through a licensed dealer in the United States, including sales online and at gun shows.” Not true!
Thoughts On Mental Illness And Gun Rights
Turning the Tables
Gosh Darn Those Pesky *Facts*!
After 30 Years Of Lies, NY Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are A Myth”
Liberal Think Tank Admits Assault Weapons Bans Won’t Work
NY Times FINALLY Admits “Assault Weapons” Are a Myth
The Assault Weapon Myth
Armed Self-Defense vs. Disarmed Defenselessness
AZ: PD: Suspect shot, killed while trying to rob medical pot seller
CO: Homeowner shoots at intruder
MS: Suspected burglar shot in face by Jackson resident
OH: Police: Resident shoots, wounds teen breaking into home
TN: Homeowner shoots man after assault at his home
TX: Texas Woman Shoots Intruder Who Broke In and Tried to Choke Her
NE: Panera Bread Co. Robbed Three Days After Banning Guns
Common sense and safety disregarded in true gun accidents
OMG! 3D Printed Guns! OMG! (video available)
The Story, Technology and Patents behind TrackingPoint
News and Views from the Antis
How Little Has Changed on Gun Control Since 1967
It’s time for an honest discussion about guns in America
My Year In The NRA
Shooting ranges becoming as dangerous as American schools
MO: OMG! Open Carry! In Ferguson, MO! OMG!
Politicians and Legislation
WA: KOMO Town Hall debate clearly went well for rights advocates
IA: What are the real values of Iowans?
MO: KC Mayor James Said Violence is Committed By Guns. Or Did He?
MO: Lawmakers override governor's veto of gun bill
NY: Howard to challenge Marchione in N.Y. state senate election
The "Authorities"
Ignorance Of The Law is No Excuse*
NC: Pembroke police officer charged with 2 sex crimes
NJ: Prosecutor Requests Delay in Shaneen Allen Case (video story)
NY: State Narcotics Agent Suspected In UWS Shooting That Injured Two
SC: Lyman official says investigation may lead to misconduct charges
From the States
“Boycott urged”
Cabela’s and NSSF Join Forces To Help Prevent Illegal Straw Purchases of Firearms
Our Gun-Shy Justices
NY: SAFE Act did indeed stomp on people's rights
PA: Police say Pennsylvania state trooper injured in ambush shooting is conscious, talking (video available)
WA: It is not de facto gun registration

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