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Keep and Bear Arms


Advertising Requirement

If you believe that individual citizens have a right to Keep and Bear Arms, welcome to the opportunity to present your advertising on this website and/or in our newsletters.

Our Audience

By far, the most effective form of advertising is to ensure that ads are targeted to a specific audience. Whether you are building brand name awareness, developing traffic or driving sales, the key is knowing your audience. Though you probably already know what we're about, we'll spell it out: The content of our site is viewed by gun owners, citizens concerned about freedom, conservatives and libertarians, rugged individualists, hunters, shooters, gun and knife collectors, the general public, and quite a few other subcategories of these fine people. We will share them with you and you with them.

If you have a product or service of interest to our Internet audience, is one solution to your ad campaign. We provide advertisers with first class results by targeting their ads to the right people time and time again for prices so much less expensive than print advertising it's almost silly not to advertise with us.

Banner advertising is sold per slot, using a standard 468x60 image which appears at the top of each page--or on the left side of our pages using 150x50 images.  Newsletter advertising is also available using text which appears in various locations through our daily (weekdays) newsletter.

How it works!

Advertising on this site is not sold by impressions, but rather by slots which run for 30-day periods.  To increase the amount of impressions over a 30-day period, you can simply run multiple concurrent slots.

All advertisements served at Keep and Bear Arms are monitored electronically.  Click-throughs for URL's are stored in a database which is available at all times to our advertisers.

NOTE: The values that are quoted in the rate chart below are based on the impressions returned per slot last month.   On a monthly basis this site serves 748,660 page views and receives 198,780 visitors.  Actual values will vary from campaign to campaign depending on the amount of advertisers and our site traffic.   At a very minimum you are guaranteed to get 40,000 impressions per slot.  The 30-Day "Cost" per slot is fixed and independent of impressions received.

  Discounts for Larger Advertising Buys        

Discounts Criteria
Discounts 5% More than $500 per 30 Days
  7.5% More than $800 per 30 Days
  Additional 2.5% Campaigns 90 days or more
  Discounts are based on individual advertising orders.  Keep in mind that we can NOT breakup a single order into multiple payments.


Advertising Rates

The following rates provide a guide to the standard advertising plans we offer. The figures are per slot sold.  The discounts are 5%, 7.5%, and 10% respectively for larger volume purchases.  Once you've paid for your position for X number of slots, your rate is secured for the duration of that time period.

  Top Position 468x60 Banner Details             

The Top Position 468x60 banner is rotated at the top of every page, and there are a total of 10 slots available for this positioning. This type of ad is not sold by impressions, rather by slots which run for 30-day periods. The banner must be 468x60 pixels and should not exceed 48Kb in size.

 Rate Chart 
30-Day Rates Slots Impressions** Cost CPM
Run-of-site 1 52,788 $400.00 $7.58

  Left Position 150x50 Banner Details         

There are a total of 50 slots (10 positions - 5 slots per position) available for this positioning.  The Left  Position 150x50 banners are rotated at the left of every page. This type of ad is not sold by impressions, rather by slots which run for 30-day periods. The banner must be 150x50 pixels and should not exceed 12Kb in size.

 Rate Chart 
30-Day Rates Slots Impressions** Cost CPM
Run-of-site 1 105,576 $200.00 $1.89


  Left Position Sponsored Text Links Details                  

There are a total of 25 slots available for this positioning. The Left Position test link is shown on over 95% of the pages throughout this Web site. This type of ad is not sold by impressions, rather by slots which run for 30-day periods. The text must be no more than 28 characters in the text link. Text links are not sold on a rotating basis, they are sold on a first come first serve basis. As text links expire other text links move up. So, your link could actually be the last link when your campaign starts and end up being the first link within a week or two.

 Rate Chart 
30-Day Rates Slots Impressions** Cost CPM
Run-of-site 1 501,486 $150.00 $0.30


  Newsletter Advertising Details                 

Advertising on Keep and Bear Arms is not limited to just banner advertising. Our newsletter goes out to over
16,000 individual email addresses of supporters of the 2nd Amendment, and many of those email addresses are entire distribution lists. There are three advertising placements available.  The first is sponsor spot - if you purchase this spot the newsletter will state "Sponsored By" in your ad.  There are two additional advertising spots on each newsletter issue: a middle spot and a bottom spot.  (If you buy multiple issues, you will pay advertised rate per issue fee, even as the number of subscribers go up. You will never be charged more than what was originally agreed upon as outline below.)  Please note that the cost of advertising in the newsletter will go up as readership increases.

 Rate Chart 
1-Day Rates Issues Readers** Cost CPM
Top Sponsor 1 16,000 daily $150.00 $9.38
1st Ad Space 1 16,000 daily $100.00 $6.25
2nd Ad Space 1 16,000 daily $75.00 $4.69

**This number is actually low. We reach that many individual email addresses, but many of them are entire list servers.

Custom Advertising

We are always more than happy to provide custom plans to advertisers who may require different banner sizes, click-throughs, or page placements. To discuss custom plans please contact Keep and Bear Arms as described below.

Custom Banner / Ad Design

We can assist you in producing quality, attractive banners.  Our rates range from $250 - $500 for large banner ads, $150 - $350 for small banner ads.  Our team of graphic designers are professional, expedient, and accommodating, and the banner is yours once you pay for its creation.  (You can use it on other sites, as well.)

Formats for Ads

We will run banners in the .gif format. If you provide a .jpg banner, we will convert and optimize your ad for fast load time.  We do not run Flash banners due to the fact that our experience has shown that some of our viewers cannot or will not use Flash plug-ins, and we're not cutting them off just to run an ad.  And we do not run animated .gif images due to load time issues, but there could be an exception made on the animated .gif issue if it's an extremely small file.

I'm interested.  What now?

If you would like to contact Keep and Bear Arms to discuss the possibility of placing your ad campaign on our website or within our newsletter, email with a subject of KABA ADVERTISING INTEREST.  We answer all emails within 48 hours unless we're out of town. We look forward to hearing from you.

In our inner cities, where firearms are outlawed, only outlaws are armed. When our "philosopher kings" sit back and do nothing, this is the tyranny and terror of "gun control." —CHARLTON HESTON

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