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Female Accountant shoots gunman, may have saved seven lives
Harrisburg Patriot-News (Harrisburg, PA) Dated Feb.2, 2000.

Accountant, gunman trade shots inside Lower Paxton jewelry store
As her co-workers were ordered onto the floor, a frightened but armed accountant at a Lower Paxton Twp. jewelry store shot one of three gun welding suspects in the abdomen yesterday after he cornered her in a bathroom authorities said.... The account of the incident tells how employees were forced to lie face down on the floor and that she was in the back of the store and that Police were astounded that the six employees and one customer were not harmed. "It could have gotten ugly over there," Sgt. Richard Toth said.

KABA Note: Yes, it could have gotten ugly, but an armed citizen saved the day.  Any information leading to contact with the armed woman is welcome.  We'd like to give her the Good Citizen Award and a box of ammo.

This article was transcribed from the newspaper and passed on to KABA.  We welcome such transcriptions and are grateful for the effort.

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