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Orlando Holdup
One wounded, One Dead in Holdup
by Kurt Amesbury, J.D.

Orlando July 12, 2000 - You've seen this kind of headline before: Robbers looking for a quick buck held up a Hungry Howie's Pizza shop in the Orlando area this evening. The robbery erupted into gunfire leaving one person wounded and another one dead.

A tragedy?

Not at all.

The dead and wounded were the two perpetrators.

The two criminals arrived at the store on bicycles, wearing masks and brandishing guns, swept into the store and demanded money of the two frightened girls working the counter.

But their luck ran our when the manager, who had been pistol-whipped by the thugs, drew his handgun and, despite his injuries, was able to shoot both perpetrators, wounding one in the leg and killing the other.

Clinton/Gore's solution to crime would have disarmed the store owner - or made him a criminal for having the means to resist the robbery and protect his employees. But not only did the armed manager stop a robbery and protect two young women, he ensured that one robber will never stick up another store, and that the other will almost certainly have a long time to think about another line of work. What else was achieved tonight?

Besides the three lives safeguarded, the owner will not suffer financial loss because criminals decided to attempt to take something to which they had no right. The cost of pizza won't have to increase to cover the loss. And robbers may be a little more cautious about trying to stick up that particular store.

But the long-term effects are at least as important. Since the average career criminal commits more than 180 crimes a year [Rand Corp.] who knows how many robberies, burglaries, assaults or murders were prevented tonight? I'm only guessing, but armed robbery is usually not a first offense for the criminally-inclined. It will be interesting to see how long the rap sheets were for these two thugs.

Would the Clinton/Gore plan for disarming America have kept guns out of the hands of the criminals? Possibly. I'm sure Clinton/Gore gun control laws would make it just as difficult for criminals to get guns as the Clinton/Gore "War on Drugs" has made it for criminals to buy illegal drugs.

Kurt Amesbury, J.D.

Note: Despite the fact that the two persons identified as "criminals" above are reported to have worn masks and attempted armed robbery, they have not yet been convicted and are as yet, only alleged criminals. Even the dead one.

See Associated Real Video Footage from Evening Local News (as long as the station archives it)