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Australia Cop on Gun Control

Gun Nuts Revealed
by Michael Z. Williamson

Terminology is important, especially in politics.  Consider the recent change in wording from the “estate tax” (which sounds like something rich people pay) to the “death tax” (which is more accurate terminology).

I propose we all adopt and use regularly the term “gun nut.”  Allow me to define “Gun nut”:

A person who has never attended a gun show, but insists they are evil.

A person who has never handled a gun, but insists they are evil.

A person who can claim that “too many children are being killed by guns” but make no mention of all those killed by other means.

A person who can insist that they “have a friend who’s a martial artist who says that guns aren’t as effective as...”

In short, anyone who acts irrationally about guns.  Reference Blubba Klinton with his response to the bombing in Oklahoma City that “We need more gun control.”

Use the term regularly in your debates.  Once you define your opponent as a “gun nut,” they will first be outraged (you have reversed roles with them, and they will hate it), then they will be defensive.  They are unlikely to be able to refute the term in a literate manner, and will sound the more idiotic for their jabbering.

If the word gets out on the circuit, and one of them begins a debate by screaming, “And don't you start that garbage about me being a ‘gun nut!’” you can simply stare at them bewildered as they dig themselves into a hole.


“The big problem in this debate is all the gun nuts who oppose the practical firearms safety proposed by experts in the field such as police, military personnel, and gun manufacturers.  These gun nuts, without any technical knowledge, consider themselves valid authorities on the subject.  This is akin to a person who can’t program their VCR and who is afraid of computers giving advice on internet protocol and safety.”

“What bothers me is all these gun nuts who can look at car accidents, alcohol-related deaths, drownings and child abuse and not say a word, but scream out loud when a child dies because of an ignorant fool with a gun.  They seem to think that death is somehow okay when caused by other means than a firearm.”

Copyright 2000 by Michael Z. Williamson.  Anyone is free to use this article in its entirety for non-profit purposes, provided due credit is given.