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Response to Woefully Misled and Committed Anti-gunner

by Angel Shamaya

Originally published on this website August 16, 2000


While I won't be investing much time attempting to convince Mike Doogan that the entire Federalist Papers he never read explicitly explain that the point of the Second Amendment is to be able to quell a tyrannical government and protect individual liberty, and that to do that should the need arise there must be access to a reasonably lethal firepower, I will make a couple of quick comments. Maybe someone there can talk real slow and explain the following to Mr. Doogan so he doesn't get a headache or a nosebleed.

1) There is only ONE case of a legal owner of a fully automatic machine gun in all of America using his gun criminally. ONE. Cops don't go through criminal background checks to get their machine guns, and they use them criminally from time to time, too - with impunity - but lawful citizens who own fully automatic firearms DO NOT. Might have something to do with that thorough federal background check and fingerprinting thing and the 4 month to a year (or longer) waiting period.

2) The BAN on the importation AND manufacture of new machine guns in America doesn't stop a black market customer from being able to buy a brand new Pick-your-model fully automatic machine gun down the street from Joe Criminal, fresh off the same boat where banned COCAINE comes in every day. Joe offers his selection of machine guns to street thugs for $800 for a model a lawful citizen would pay $4000 for -- IF one can even be found. The only difference is that Joe's machine guns are brand new, while the finite legal market offers only ever-aging selections.

I won't try to get to much more across to Mr. Doogan in this letter, as I can see his mind is too full of illusions bred into him by the calculated social programming upon which he founds and from which he preaches his ignorance, but while you're holding his hand and deciphering the bigger words in my letter, please be as reassuring as you can and use a calm voice; we wouldn't want to upset the poor dear with too many facts at once, or we might mess up his ability to avoid knowing what the hell he is talking about.

Angel Shamaya
Executive Director

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