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We May Have To Literally Fight
by Brian Puckett

Not long ago an editorial in a gun magazine urged gun owners to work for widespread public support for gun ownership. So far so good. It closed with: "If we can't do that, I have the ominous suspicion that we are going to lose."

Lose? What other portion of the Bill of Rights would we speak so helplessly about "losing"? Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Freedom of assembly?

Citizens--and even the lowliest of animals--have a natural right to defend themselves. Furthermore they have the right to defend themselves in a simple, effective manner. Guns are the most practical and effective means of self-defense yet devised. Handguns in particular are practical and effective because they are easy to use, portable, and concealable. Anyone, even the weak and the elderly, can carry and effectively use one against the human predators so common in our society.

Now this point: no number of politicians and no number of citizens--not even 99.99%--may vote away a natural right. Nor may they legally pass a law that effectively nullifies a natural right--such as laws against arming oneself against criminals. No legal law may require a citizen to give up life or property to the first sociopath who happens along. Fools may go through the motions and pass such laws, but those laws will be null and void. The right to self-defense is not a "political issue." It is irrevocable. Nor, for that matter, may the Second Amendment be rescinded. It is part and parcel of the original agreement among the thirteen states.

It is estimated that the solidly pro-gun constituency of the U.S. is about one-third of the electorate. That represents MILLIONS of good citizens with guns. There is a fair chance that one day we will have to fight--literally fight--to restore our rights and our Constitution. Those who will not fight are either grotesquely misguided, pathetically sheep-like, cowardly, or all of these. They do not deserve the freedom under which they have lived.

While a civil war would be a terrible thing, even more terrible would be having our children and grandchildren know that we were the whimpering slaves who allowed a handful of rotten, power-lusting politicians to strip away rights which our forebears fought and died for.

KABA Director's Note: Mr. Puckett is a NO COMPROMISE AMERICAN running a POWERFUL organization for freedom. If you have not yet looked into the WONDERFUL MEDIA BLITZ Mr. Puckett is conducting through Citizens of America, PLEASE GO LOOK. His organization is one key SOLUTION to the media bias in our society regarding the TRUTH about guns. Not only do I deeply appreciate, respect, and wholeheartedly believe in the COA mission, I have come to know Mr. Puckett as a Brother of Americans I respect and REVERE deeply. ~~ Angel Shamaya,

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