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Use It or Lose It?

by A Floridian Patriot


One of the lessons learned during the Cold War, with its cold, calculated concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is that there comes a time during an attack when a decision has to be made. That decision is whether to use the weapons that one possesses while one still can, before they are destroyed or rendered otherwise inoperable, or lose them as a result of leaving them unused and, ultimately, vulnerable to the attack. While I understand that many would argue (or like to believe) otherwise, I believe that there may come a time that this concept applies to all firearms owners around the globe, and their ability to enforce their civil rights.

We have seen the frightful results of going 'quietly into the night' spelled out for us in Kopel and Olsen's "All the Way Down the Slippery Slope." That essay, which graphically depicts the whittling away and virtual annihilation of the State recognition of the rights of British citizens to keep and bear arms, stands as a clear example of what happens when weapons are surrendered without a fight. The British are now in no position to defend the rest of their rapidly evaporating civil rights.

The same has happened, or is happening, in various countries around the globe, with Australia, South Africa and Canada being prominently among them. I suspect that few who have followed such events closely will dispute that something without precedent is happening. With all of these nations pursuing virtually the same agendas with regards to firearms rights, at exactly the same time, this fight is rapidly taking on cross-border dimensions. The people of many nations are now involved in fights for the very survival of their rights as free men and women. I don't know about you, but I DO NOT believe in these kinds of coincidences.

Make no mistake about it: What we are being faced with, both here in the United States, and over-seas is a gradual, but steady move to disarm the people in favor of the power of the State. We have three choices:

  1. We can fight tenaciously politically, but resort to force, if necessary, to preserve our rights.

  2. We can fight to stop the onslaught within the political confines of our respective systems of government, and accept the outcome no matter what it may be.

  3. We can surrender without a fight by putting forth only token resistance on the political front, and give up our means of defense when we finally lose.

The British unfortunately took a position somewhere between choices 2 and 3; They have effectively lost their rights to complain, and their ability to do anything about the erosion of their remaining rights. This has emboldened those who believe that an enslaved citizenry is desirable and within the realm of the possible. We must show them otherwise.

The would-be tyrants of this world must be shown that they stand on the edge of a precipice. For them to continue their march toward total power must be clearly seen by them as the most dangerous path that they can possibly take. We, as freedom-loving people, have to make it clear that BEFORE the day when they have us powerless and humbled at their feet, we will FIGHT VIGOROUSLY to defend what is rightfully ours, and that we will NEVER SURRENDER. I believe that many will take that fight to the oppressors when the day comes to make that fateful decision: Use It or Lose It?

Will you?