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Letter to Feinstein After She Broke her Leg

by Guy Smith

Originally published on this website September 12, 2000

I emailed the following to Senator Feinstein, who recently broke her leg and will require surgery. If you feel like dropping her a similar note, her address is

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I read about your unfortunate accident and pending surgery. My hopes for a safe procedure and recovery. Remember, you are 266 times more likely to die from medical mistakes than from accidental gun fire. You're 10 times more likely to die from medical mistakes than from *any* type of gun violence.

Guy Smith

You can reach Feinstein's office (and find all U.S. Senators' offices) here:

If someone was actually able to get this traitor to listen, it would be amazing indeed, but a few words of kindness put on her fax machine when most gun owners wouldn't mind seeing her hung for treason, coupled with an act of God (which we always welcome) might just shock the dickens out of us.

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