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A Compelling Argument for Gun Control

by Josh Gould, Major League A------


WARNING: The following is an actual e-mail received by an RKBA supporter from a hate-filled moron. While the obscenities have been edited out, this is still not suitable for the young ones or anyone who takes offense at even the hint of such things.

The level of irrational hatred and violence exhibited by Mr. Gould should make us all glad that he doesn't like guns. The Hotmail account he used has since been disconnected.

Here is Mr. Gun Hater's Letter, with only foul language edited:

You gun nuts have a lot of f------ nerve! You f------ go around with your guns and preach them and sh--! I saw that Guntruths site u talked about in ur little forum and I think its the stupidist site in the world and that steve silver guy is a p---y. Well MR Levin ur gonna have a fun time burning in hell. and guess what! all your gun nuts will join you too boy wont that be fun!

And ur a member of Jews for the what? HAHAHA This is what that group u talked about Handgun Control incorporated warns us about. Extremist groups that think their guns are more important than someones life. U all have your eddie eagle programs that f--- with little kids minds. You are so stupid and I bet you like hitler too!

On a more personable matter I would like to meet some of you one day. Sometimes I wish that you all had one neck and I had my hands around it!!

-Josh Gould

PS. You and JPFO dont f--- each other up the a-- too hard now...

If you receive other hate mail from people who would deny your natural right to self-defense, please email it to  Please DO NOT add this email address to ANY distribution lists, thank you.  This email address is solely for the purpose of exposing irrational, anger-filled, confusion-marred individuals who cannot deal with reason, logic and facts.