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Third Party Chess
How to Know If Your Non-Bush Vote Will Endanger Gun Rights

by Sean Oberle


This election, in trying to peel votes from RKBA-friendly third parties, the Republicans have upped the ante with ďitís the Supreme Court, stupid,Ē saying that an Al Gore presidency could spell disaster if he packs the court with judges unfriendly to gun rights.

The Republicans are correct. Moreover, this is an extremely tight race. Out tens of millions of votes, it could be decided by a few thousand ballots (see prediction at bottom). In fact, Iíd loathe an Al Gore victory. The thought of it makes my stomach churn. I pray Bush wins. Does that mean Iím voting Bush?

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe Iíll vote for Libertarian Harry Browne. Iíll decide on Election Day. How can I not be firmly in the Bush camp out of fear?

Itís the Electoral College, stupid. Hereís how it effects your third-party decision:

If you live in a ďsafeĒ Gore state (heís ahead more than 10 points), thereís nothing you can do about your stateís electoral votes going to Prince Al. Decide now to vote your conscience; itíll be good for you soul.

If you live in a ďsafeĒ Bush state (up more than 10 points), your third-party choice wonít take your stateís electoral votes away from Dubya. Decide now to vote your conscience.

If you live in a battleground state (race within 5 points), you very well may be one of those few thousand deciding votes. Your conscience will feel better if you vote strategically. Vote Bush. Heed well ďitís the Supreme Court, Stupid.Ē

If you live in a state, as I do, somewhere in between (6-10 point race), wait until Election Day to decide. A lot can change in a week. Dubya might need ya.


My prediction: Bush will win the Electoral College 290-248. Heíll also win the popular vote by at least by 500,000, perhaps breaking 2 million. But the race will be decided by just a few thousand votes in one or two states Ė thus my prediction will fall if gun rights activist fail to vote for him in battleground states. 

Donít let make me look bad. My reputation is in your hands.

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