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Secession is Not the Best Solution
by Brian Puckett

There has been talk lately of states with majority populations of patriots, constitutionalists, individualists, and “conservatives” seceding from the United States.

My question is, Why should we? Why should we split apart this nation because the worst among us have temporarily seized control? Why should we be separated from any part of the land of our birth – from friends, relatives, cities, national parks, lakes, seashores, historic battlefields, national monuments, national buildings – any part of our beloved nation – because the worst among us have collected in certain geographic locations?

I admit to believing they are the worst. Reasonable people may disagree, but there is no reasoning with those who are not motivated by law or logic, but instead by guilt, or greed, or emotions, or a sense of entitlement, or a desire to control.

This nation is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic. Until the U.S. Constitution is nullified, all federal, state, and local laws must conform to the Constitution. I say let everyone who doesn’t like the constraints of our Constitution – whether they be politicians, law enforcement agents, judges, or businessmen, whether they be Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians, whether they be Black, White, Red, or Brown, male of female — let them either leave this country or adhere to the system. Let the greedy, the foolish, the emotional, the irrational, the ignorant, the power-hungry, the criminal, the socialists, the racists, the anti-American – let them all leave our shores.

Our country has been polarized into two basic factions – the socialists/statists and the constitutionalists/individualists. Their two world views, their philosophies are almost completely irreconcilable. At this time, the government bureaucracy and the major communications media are controlled by the socialists/statists. This is the result of inaction on the part of the constitutionalists/individualists, who are on the verge of losing their laws, their tradition, and their country.

Before it is all lost, before we are subjugated by socialists, before the last vestiges of Constitutional rule are subverted, should we divide the country into states dominated by the two divergent factions?

No, we should not. We should instead drive the socialists out of our schools, out of our government, and out of our lives.

Until the Constitution is repealed or amended, all its rules apply. Until the Constitution is repealed or amended, it does not matter if 55%, or 60%, or 70% of those who now live in this nation don’t like it. It is the supreme law of the land.

I say, No secession. I say Revolution.

Revolution that returns us to constitutional law. A peaceful revolution, if at all possible. But a forceful one, lest our “peaceful” option disappear.

If you wish to keep your country and Constitution, you are going to have to fight for it. You must take time out from your work and immediately get involved in this revolution. And you must begin NOW.

You are going to have to appear in city council meetings, in your statehouses, in the offices of your state and federal representatives, on the streets if need be. You must shout, scream, get angry NOW. You must refuse to do business with your enemies NOW. You must go into your schools and DEMAND that socialist indoctrination cease NOW. You must shun those who are socialists NOW. You must run for public office NOW. You must file lawsuits NOW. You must DEMAND that the Constitution be upheld in all laws great and small NOW.

You must reach into your pocket or purse and give money – as much as you can – to those organizations that are acting forcefully in your behalf, in your family’s behalf, in your Constitution’s behalf, in your country’s behalf .

I say, No secession. I say Revolution.

In order to subvert the Constitution, some say that it is a “living” document, or that it “grows”. If that is so, then there is no point in writing it down, because it is then a shifting, shapeless mass of impotent words.

In order to excuse subversion of the supreme law of the land, some say that “life belongs to the living”, and that we are not bound by the rules of old, dead white men. However, I am among the living and I wish to live under those rules, because all evidence indicates it is the best set of rules ever devised by man for operating a free nation. If you agree, then you had better stand up and be counted, you had better speak up and be heard.

No secession. No slinking away. No backing up in the face of lies. No giving up hope. No yielding to the worst in our society.

Instead, Revolution. Now.

Brian Puckett is the President of Citizens of America ( and is a Chief Advisor with See other writings from him at You can reach Mr. Puckett by email at