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Suspect flees when clerk pulls out gun

Journal News, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
November 11, 2000

A would-be robber fled from a convenience store yesterday afternoon when the owner pulled a gun and ordered him to drop the items he had taken, police said.

Winston-Salem police arrested Devon Lester Webster, 41, as he ran down an access ramp from Broad Street to Business 40. Webster, of 228 Terrace Ave., was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and resisting an officer.

He was being held in the Forsyth County Jail last night with bond set at $25,000.

Police said that a man entered the Fairway One Stop at 225 S. Broad St. about 2:30. The man got a six-pack of beer, placed it on the counter and asked store owner Hyeon Sun Jung for credit. Jung refused. Police said the man then started putting candy and cigars in his pocket, took out a large knife and demanded money from Jung.

Jung pulled out a gun and told the man to put down the items and drop the knife, police said. The man dropped the knife and the items and ran from the store.

A Winston-Salem police officer saw the man running on the access ramp a few minutes later and arrested him.

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