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United Nations Anti

United Nations Anti-Second Amendment Statements

by Dale and Thomma Grindstaff


We were poking around on the United Nations website just to see what we could find, in black and white, about the United Nation's position on disarming U.S. citizens. We thought you would be interested in the attached article (.pdf file) which came from their Disarmament Forum publication.

It will certainly come as no surprise that the sentiment of the article we have attached is quite hostile to our Second Amendment Freedoms. Please allow us to give you an example of how the U.N. views the United States and its freedoms (here is a quote from the attachment):

"Much is made at the moment of the need to combat entrenched gun cultures. The need to reverse fixed beliefs in the right, if not the duty, to bear arms is an enormous task. This is not just the case in "frontier" states such as the United States and South Africa." ~~ "Breaking Out of the Arms Control Framework" by Chris Smith

The article which we have attached also claims that,

"It was the westward expansion in the United States which forged the culture of gun ownership in areas where the state could not be effective because expansion had occurred so quickly."

Obviously, the writer of this article has never heard of the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

The article also claims that "solutions" to the "problem" include the following:

"the ability of the security forces to protect extant stocks of weapons and control corruption; the ability to control trafficking; tackling the perceived need on the part of individuals to bear arms; and the ability to control organized crime and opportunistic criminality, warlords and militias..."

and that

"...there is a need to develop norms and procedures for dealing with sub-state actors, which might range from empowering and mobilizing civil society to address existing gun cultures to undertaking complex negotiations with warlords to seek ways of dealing with the oligopolization of force and violence."

Don't you just love how they refer to "civil society" as opposed to us "uncivilized" gun owners? Har de har har har.

If you'd like to check out more in the same vein straight from the horse's mouth, we would recommend following this link:

The above link is concerned with a U.N. conference which is scheduled to take place in New York in July of 2001. We thought it would behoove KABA to have this information, if you do not already have it.

As free citizens, not subjects or serfs, we would like to recommend that KABA take a strong position in support of U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations and expulsion of the United Nations from our sovereign soil.

Sincerely and keep up the good fight,

Dale and Thomma Grindstaff

"The battle for freedom does not end simply because the enemy changes horses." ~~ Dale and Thomma Grindstaff on the election of 2000's Official Position Regarding the United Nations

  1. We abhor the socialist intentions of the United Nations; they are counterproductive to the American way of life. Socialists in America who want to live under a socialist government can go to Britain or any other socialist country. In fact, we wish they would.

  2. We hold that the intentions of the Founding Fathers of this nation were to maintain complete autonomy from such entanglements. (Their writings are replete with solid examples of their thoughts on this matter.)

  3. We consider treaties with the United Nations that usurp the rights of any citizen within the fifty States to be unConstitutional, illegal, immoral and an outrage.

  4. We support (demand, only we don't have the power to enforce the demand, so it's not really a demand, now is it?) the immediate withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations.

  5. Any government agent supporting the US/UN entanglement is guilty of treason; they should be treated as harshly as the law allows for their treasonous actions.

Any questions?  Feel free to ask.

Angel Shamaya, Director/Founder

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