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Bodyguards for the Special People

Bodyguards for the Special People
$31 Million to Protect California Politicians

from Al Hambridge and Angel Shamaya


Angel Shamaya:  Al Hambridge asked me how he could help open up some other fronts in the all out war for our rights.  (Call it whatever you want; innocent people are dying and being taken prisoner -- it's a war.) In responding, I asked Al to look into the Bodyguard issue.  My desire was and is to find inroads to point out the hypocrisy taking place among the elitist anti-gunners. I'd be doubly pleased to find (and publish) receipts for fees paid to bodyguards by some of the most egregious anti-rights people, such as Dianne Feinstein or Charles Schumer. 

Below is what Al sent back, followed by a call for some help on this project if you want to have some fun with the anti-rights hypocrites.

From Al Hambridge:

Hey Angel, lookie what I found. Just a few tidbits to whet the appetite:

Their clients have included, among others, Paul Simon, and Spike Lee. Didn't he say something about offing Chuck Heston?

The first guy on the page boasts that he has

"provided . . . personal protection for Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, the Ford Model Agency, Robert DiNero, Joe Pesci, and many others."

I wonder what those folks think about us commoners having protection. Hmm, this is getting interesting.

And finally, for now:

Both are about the same thing, the following is from the first link:

"California Tops States in Protecting Governor, Lower-Level Officials (Sacramento-AP) -- Among all the states, only California provides bodyguards to all its statewide officials, right down to its superintendent of public instruction. It will cost California taxpayers more than $31 million this year to protect those seven officials and others who work in protected state buildings."

The article also mentions that

"In addition, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer is protected by special agents from the state Department of Justice."

Oh yeah, we're gettin' warmer!

I looked through the website for the Public Policy Institute of California, who released this info, but couldn't find anything about this there. They must have heard me coming. ;-)

It ain't much, but it's a start. Let me know what others find. I'll go back to my shovel and keep diggin'

Take care,


Operation Bodyguard

A call to action from Angel Shamaya

Nice start, Al. Thank you.

How do you like that? $31 million in one state alone, largely going to protect -- with guns -- the hired public servants who tell our women to submit to rape and murder with unConstitutional "laws" that defy the will of America's founding fathers.  I say it's time we find a way to make these hypocrites squirm.

To that end, anyone who has any information that will lead to an effective and thorough report exposing the anti-gunners' bodyguards elitism, let's get after it.  Send information to Please also send a copy to Al so he can get to work on a more complete report. His email address is: Anything you write out into a complete report will be published with a great big Thank You.

NOTE:  If you think we are saying there is anything wrong with having a bodyguard, you are not listening, so pay attention. Having a bodyguard is an exercising of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For anyone who can afford it and who might need protection, go hire a bodyguard. Bodyguarding is and age-old custom and tradition, an honorable and even thankless profession in some cases, and it's also a direct benefit of the Second Amendment.

In other words, more power to bodyguards.  Go for it, no problem here. In fact, I'm glad bodyguards are protecting these two-faced politicians; it gives us one more way to point out the gross hypocrisy of the people who viciously attack our rights. In fact, if you're a bodyguard, help us get some solid proof in the form of paperwork evidence showing real dollars spent protecting Liberty's Transgressors, and I'll do my best to help you get some business -- and protect your anonymity while we pound on Treason's Door on behalf of your rights. Requires Support Again. Bills happen. If you haven't yet joined as a paid member, please pitch in. Below are other ways you can keep this site alive.

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