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by Officer James Yeager


If you are a police officer (or anyone) who is in favor of gun control I would like you to consider my point of view. We as Police officers are to protect the citizens we serve. Many officers and a LOT of Chiefs and administrators think that citizens are some type of cattle they are paid to keep in line. You SERVE the people of your community. If your opinion differs, find another job.

We have a lot of Federal gun control laws already on the books. They are not enforced. Passing more will not ease our burdens.

Officer James Yeager
"Constitution First"

The president (lower case "P" on purpose) has said numberous time that hundreds of thousands of criminals were refused a gun because of the Brady law. Every time someone fills out the yellow #4473 BATF form they commit a Federal offense. Why were only a handful prosecuted?

I am lucky to live in an area that has little violent crime. Do you live in one? What are your average response times? What are people who are being victimized supposed to do while you are on the way? Waiting for the police while you are being raped or murdered is not an option. Many die because of it.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Police have no responsibility to protect individual citizens. Where does that leave us? Police who don't support a citizen's right to own and carry firearms are hypocritical egocentric fools.

I have heard that only the Police should have guns. As if pinning on a badge suddenly makes the Police officer a better person. Wouldn't you like to carry a gun when you retire? Wouldn't you like your wife, adult children, parents and friends to be free from being assaulted? Guns are not the problem, liberals are. Liberal cops bring shame onto a once proud profession.

The Second Amendment is an individual right just like the rest of them. People say that the constitution is outdated and those guys did not know how far we would come. But the Founding Fathers put the gun clause (Second Amendment) in the Bill of Rights because they knew our government could become too intrusive. It has.

Who are we serving as Police officers? The citizens! Why do we not trust them? Why do some officers have the US vs THEM attitude? You are absolutely no better than the people you serve. If you think you are, get a different job -- because you are a disgrace.

In legal terms the only guns that are able to be banned are guns that are not suitable for defense of country or self. That means no duck hunting or deer hunting. The Second Amendment is about the defense of this country from itself or aggressors. You could ban every gun that is NOT "military style" or defensive in nature and be 100% legal. The Second Amendment is not about the freedom to hunt.

There has not been a crime committed with a legally owned machine gun since I have been alive. We are not allowed these arms without a bunch of hassle to buy one that is made before 1986. We are allowed by the Second Amendment to have infantry weapons like SAWs and M-16s. No I don't mean Nuclear weapons, F-16s and stuff like that. Just small arms. The only documented crime I can find where the machine gun was not stolen was committed by a POLICE OFFICER using a department issued gun.

Over 30 States issue carry permits to honest citizens. Crime has been reduced because of it. Carry permits work, plain and simple. Michigan is state number 32 to pass "Right to Carry" legislation. Among those groups opposed are Attorney General Jennifer Granholm, incoming Wayne County Prosecutor Michael Duggan, the Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys Association, and the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. What a bunch of idiots. These people are supposed to SUPPORT honest citizens.

I hope I have made you give this issue some thought. It is very important to me. If you are a Pro-gun cop, let people know how you feel. Most front line cops know what is going on. Let your citizens know where you stand.

If you are an anti-gun cop.....wake up.

Chief Instructor James Yeager 1* Options for Personal Security/Southeast Call Toll Free 1.877.636.4677 ("4OPS")

Also from Officer James Yeager:  Turncoat Gun Owners Note:  THIS is the kind of communication we need to be hearing from police officers to their fellow police officers: a wake up call from within their own community that doesn't pull any punches and equalizes the relationship between cops and citizens. We are elated to have officer Yeager on board.