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Wakefield Victim Had New Hampshire Permit
But Wasn't Allowed to Protect Himself in Massachusetts

Source: Boston Herald (Letters)

Published: Friday, Jan 11, 2001

Author: David Bergquist

Louis "Sandy" Javelle was my friend. On Dec. 26 in Wakefield, he was killed by a madman.

Sandy held both a federal firearms license and a permit to carry a handgun in New Hampshire. Ironically, the gun laws in Massachusetts prevented him from carrying a concealed handgun. But these same laws did not prevent Michael McDermott from obtaining illegal firearms.

When the rampage started, Sandy told co-workers to lock the door behind him and barricade it. He then confronted McDermott and became the third victim. If Sandy had been permitted to carry a pistol, he could have stopped McDermott. That meant that five other people could possible have survived this tragedy. But Sandy did not have that option.

David Bergquist, Temple, N.H.

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