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Republican, My Foot!

by Angel Shamaya


Mary Leigh Blek, chief statist of the so-called "Million Mom March," has gone from having my sympathy -- as a mother who lost a son to murderers -- to bearing the full brunt of my ire. This woman has received free ink in major newspapers across the country pushing her animosity toward President-elect Bush's nominee for U.S. Attorney General, former Missouri Governor and Senator, John Ashcroft. I'd expect no less from emotion-driven, fact-impoverished liberal statists than plenty of free press, but this anti-rights person just went too far, too many times, and I can't hold my tongue any more.

She's calling herself a Republican. Adjectives I've seen printed before the word "Republican" in reference to Mrs. Blek include but are not limited to: staunch, devout, longtime, etc. etc. ad infinitum.

Give me a break, Lady!

NO real, self-respecting Republican would support bans on handguns, but the so-called "Million Mom March" did, not long ago, in a town in Illinois.

NO real, self-respecting Republican would support licensing a fundamental civil right, but the so-called "Million Mom March" does; it's a main plank on their pre-confiscation agenda.

NO real, self-respecting Republican would support the registration of guns and their owners, either. They know that registration has led to confiscation throughout the history of the gun, and they know guns = freedom. But Mrs. Blek, blaming guns for the criminal actions of the murderers who killed her son, doesn't seem to care about little things like ADOLF HITLER! Nevermind Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung and all the other police state (where only police have guns) heroes. Not Mrs. "Republican" Blek, no sir.

When is the last time you VOTED Republican, Mary Leigh BS Artist? And at that time, was the so-called "Republican" an American standing up for the Constitutional Republic, or the watered down "Democratic" political system you and your kind worship? Did you vote for Al "The Constitution is a living document" Gore? Your organization sure put a lot of energy into sticking it to America with him in the Clinton-tarnished white house. Republican? Sheesh.

If Mary Leigh "40,000 Mom Picnic" Blek is a Republican, I'm a Democrat-Socialist.