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Surviving Home Invasions

by Angel Shamaya

January 17, 2001

Something horrible just happened in Las Vegas. A home invasion resulted in three people being hurt. One of them, a 27 year old woman, was murdered. Following is a brief excerpt from the report as found in The Las Vegas Sun:

"Their friend, a 27-year-old woman, had been bound and killed Monday morning by two home invaders as two of her roommates were left bound and battered in another room.

"Two men broke into the house in the 5000 block of Hayward Avenue, near Nellis Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue, about 9 a.m. as the three occupants slept.

"'One of the male victims was hit over the head with a wine bottle and the other was woken up with a gun in his face,' Lt. Wayne Petersen of Metro Police's homicide unit said.

"The woman, whose name was withheld until her family could be notified, was bound in another room, then later killed."

The villains are still at large, and it is safe to assume they are still armed and dangerous.

If you're the praying kind, put in a good word for another grieving family, and aim your love toward Las Vegas.

Home invasions have become quite popular of late. I've seen two or three dozen reports of home invasions this month alone, and I don't seek them out; I find them while searching around for gun-related news. And I've seen a pattern. Many who frequent this website already know the pattern, but I'm hoping you will share this message with someone who doesn't want to end up like the most recent victim in Las Vegas -- but who doesn't have the tools necessary to quell such an attack.

People who defend themselves in a home invasion fare better than those who don't. That's just how it is. Read the following reports, and see for yourself. A "good guy wins" story from Las Vegas comes first, and do note the details of several other Las Vegas self-defense stories -- including those involving home invasions: Las Vegas homeowner shoots intruder to death (July 19, 2000)

Then come back and read as many as it takes for you to understand that defending your life and your home IS the answer to home invasion... then let's see about getting you trained.