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Man shoots pit bull that jumped fence into his yard
Dog was threatening his child and dog.

By Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Mar. 18, 1999


ARLINGTON -- An Arlington man shot and wounded a pit bull that had broken its chain, jumped a backyard fence and appeared to be threatening the man's child and puppy yesterday, police said.

Arlington Animal Control workers euthanized the dog after it was shot, Sgt. James Smith Jr. said.

The man's wife, son and dog were in their backyard in the 800 block of Carswell Terrace about 5:30 p.m. when the pit bull apparently broke loose from its chain, Smith said.

"He had jumped the fence several times before," Smith said. "The pit bull went after the small dog and was snapping at the child."

No citations were issued. Smith said it appeared that the dog's owner had "made a reasonable attempt to restrain his dog," and that the man who shot the dog was justified.

"Under those conditions, you have a right to protect your family," Smith said. "I don't condone it. I would rather get animal control out there to deal with it."

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