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Homeowner Shoots, Suspects Flee

Originally reported on

January 29, 2001


TENNESSEE -- Chattanooga Police were summoned at 2:34 a.m. Sunday to the home of William K. Smith at 1211 Panorama Drive on a burglary-in-progress call.

Mr. Smith reported being awakened by the alarm on his truck going off and went outside to investigate. He was confronted by two males, apparently armed with a shotgun. Shots were exchanged between Mr. Smith and the suspects who fled on foot.

A few moments later the suspects returned in a dark color, older car and shot into the front of Mr. Smith's home. There were no injuries. The suspects fled the scene.

The vehicle fitting the description provided by Mr. Smith was stopped shortly thereafter on East Brainerd Road, but was not linked to this incident. Note:  Who knows what would have happened if he'd not had a gun to quell their attack? They were obviously prepared to use force against him while stealing his property. Had he not been armed, who's to say their predatory violation of his rights, life and property would have stopped? They very well may have killed him, but his bullets had a bit of a deterrent affect, wouldn't you say?

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