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Man shoots home invasion suspects; 1 dies

By The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

January 31, 2001

Police said two armed men came into a house at 2011 Browns Mill Road in southeast Atlanta about 10:30 p.m. and shot the resident in the leg. The injured man then grabbed his gun and returned fire in self-defense, said Atlanta police homicide Lt. Mike Smith.

The dead suspect was unidentified, but the other, Victor Middlebrooks Jr., was critically injured, Smith said. Middlebrooks was charged with murder because his partner died in the commission of a felony, Smith said. The resident survived and was not charged.

Smith did not release the man's name and said he did not know what the suspects were after. Note:  Would Demosocialist anti-self-defense people rather this homeowner had simply sat and waited until they left his house -- hoping they didn't kill him?  If so, we would not wish the same on you or your family, and we'd appreciate the same respect. Considering the fact that these guys came in and shot him upon entry, it's not a big stretch to imagine they'd have killed him. Your call for him to get rid of his guns, therefore, would likely have been a Death Sentence. Perhaps a moral reevaluation of your anti-life beliefs is in order...

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