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Homeowner kills one home invader with shotgun
The other one ran away with his tail between his legs.

Originally ran here as:
"Cops Say Robber Slain by Resident"

February 15, 2001 - Thursday - Page A 28

A Queens man who tried to rob residents of a Central Islip home was killed yesterday morning after he was struck in the chest by a shotgun blast from one of the residents, Suffolk police said.Wesley Jones, 22, of Rosedale, and another unidentified suspect, fled after the shot was fired, said Det. Lt. John Gierasch, commander of Suffolk's Homicide Squad. Jones collapsed, however, a few hundred feet from the East Cedar Street home and was pronounced dead. The second suspect fled.

Police have not charged the shooter and declined to identify him yesterday.

They said preliminarily that the shooting appears to be justified. Three men who lived at the home were inside, along with a female friend of one of them.

The home was empty yesterday. A man outside, who would identify himself only as the father of one of the residents, said the men had moved out because they feared retaliation.

"They're scared," he said. He would say only that they are members of a heavy-metal rock band and were renting the home.

Police said the intruders broke in through a side door about 12:40 a.m. The pair split up, one going upstairs, and the other staying downstairs. They forced open bedroom doors and were met by men with shotguns.

Jones, however, disarmed one of the men, striking him on the head with an object, Gierasch said. After demanding and receiving cash and a cell phone from the man, Jones marched him downstairs at gunpoint, according to police and an account provided by the father.

Meanwhile, on the ground floor, the other suspect met the other resident with a shotgun, dropped his gun and ran. When Jones came downstairs, he was shot in the upper chest.

A next-door neighbor said yesterday he heard commotion, including yelling and a door being kicked in, before he heard someone scream, "Die," followed by an expletive. A shot then rang out, he added.

Jones, whose family could not be reached for comment yesterday, has relatives and friends in the Central Islip area, Gierasch said.

In the chaos as they fled the house, the intruders left behind several guns. Among the items discovered on Jones were cash and property believed to have been taken from the home, Gierasch said.

Police said it was not clear why this house was targeted. They said they also are investigating the possibility that a third man was involved.

The district attorney's office will review the case before determining whether charges are filed against the shooter, Gierasch said. Note: Had this citizen not been armed, what chances would he have had to thwart this crime? Zilch. We applaud this citizen's actions and encourage him to teach his family member proper weapon retention so nobody can take his gun away from him -- should the escaped criminal return, for example.  QUESTION FOR ANY ANTI-GUN PERSON:  Do you know of anything that would have made the surviving bad guy run away, other than a gun?  And do you know of anything other than a gun that would have stopped these perpetrators from doing whatever they wanted including killing this whole family?

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