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Man acquitted in fatal shooting at apartment complex

Published here, February 16, 2001
(Feb 23 edition, out early)


DALLAS --  A Dallas County jury has acquitted an 18-year-old on a murder charge in the July shooting death of a 16-year-old boy outside a Dallas apartment complex in the 3000 block of Grand Avenue. 

Defense attorney Robert Burns told jurors that Kenneth Epperson shot Lynn Beck in self-defense. 

Mr. Burns argued that Mr. Beck had escaped from the Texas Youth Commission and had chased Mr. Epperson and two other people around with a gun before he was shot in the head. Note:  While the anti-rights people who hate guns and their owners will cry over the poor dead "child" who escaped from incarceration and attempted to kill this young man -- adding his death to their tally of so-called "kids" who were killed with guns, we say GOOD SHOT. If someone is trying to kill you, you have a right to protect yourself, period. Where the assailant is 16 or 76 is irrelevant when they have the means to do you bodily harm and the clear intent to carry it out. Yes, it is sad that a young person had to die, but it's better that the perpetrator be dead than the good guy, hands down.

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