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By Neal Knox

A Washington Post editorial recapped the gun positions of the various Presidential candidates, saying "Mr. (Bill) Bradley comes closest to getting a grip on this country's gross national proliferation of concealable weapons. He calls for registration of all handguns."

But, the Post declared, "No presidential candidate has yet come out for the most effective proposal to check the terror of gunfire: a ban on the general sale, manufacture and ownership of handguns as well as assault-style weapons."

Now they've spelled out what they want: English-style confiscation of all privately owned handguns and military-look semi-auto rifles.

Fine. At least they're being honest. Let's have a general debate on that issue. And I sure hope that they can get a string of candidates willing to acknowledge that confiscation is precisely where they intend to take their step-by-step "reasonable gun laws."

by Neal Knox

The Toronto mayor says Canada's "reasonable" gun laws, and the newest law that all firearms in the country be registered, aren't enough. He wants handguns totally banned in his city.

In scripture according to Knox, found in the first book of Gun Week, 1966, "The only purpose of gun registration is gun confiscation."

by: "Nancy"

I strongly urge you to watch the 15 minute advertisement that the NRA has been running at 7:30 in the morning on TNN for the last several weeks. I suggest that you tape it, for you will might well want to show it some of your friends who do not believe that the antigun folks want all of your guns and you actually view the sight of it happening in England and Australia.

You can watch as the citizens who guns were outlawed relate their indignation at having to surrender their handgun, semiautomatic and pump rifles and shotguns. Weapons that had been handed down through the generations of there families. You will hear the female antigun leader saying that guns have to been confiscated and she does not saying that they are going to stop at the present point of confiscation.

You can watch a Browning Auto-5 shotgun being sawed into pieces. You can watch these folks saying that they waited for someone to tell the truth, that it did not happen and how they wish they had it do over again. This is not somebody telling you what they think happened or what could happen, you can see where it has happened and how the antis will never be satisfied until ALL guns are confiscated. It is sad, but we don't have to let it happen here.