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Love Note from One of the Sheeple

By Sam Cohen


KABA recently received the following love note, sent anonymously through a remailer.  Angel Shamaya forwarded it to me for a response, if I chose to write one.  (Obscenities masked; grammar, punctuation, and capitalization as received:)

“f***ing gun-wagging nazis. wait 'til the first time someone holds a gun to the head of your child. do you not think? guns should never have existed. you f***ing villains are morons for justifying them.”

Normally, garbage like this doesn’t deserve a reply -- but the perfection of this particular example got me thinking.  I have two responses.

Response Number One:

No, you’re the moron.  You don’t have the brains of a rat.  At least animals know enough to defend themselves, and to show their teeth to other animals who threaten them.  The ones without teeth get eaten.  Wait ‘til the first time someone holds a gun to the head of YOUR child, because you were stupid enough to be defenseless in the first place.  Why don’t you turn the whole world into helpless, infantile sheep like yourself, so the bad guys get free rein until the REAL Nazis take over and “protect” you?  While you’re wishing that guns should never have existed, how about wishing that rapists and muggers shouldn’t exist, or that nobody should ever be mean to anyone else, or maybe that nobody should have to work for a living or get sick or ever, ever be unhappy?  Idiot.

Response Number Two:

With the process now having had almost two generations to do its work, the country has been conditioned into almost complete mindlessness.  Even the name of the process -- “dumbing down” -- is itself an example of how we’ve been taught to simplify, to summarize, to accept the superficial, to not think. 

The sheeple have it easy.  They can express themselves by repeating the simplest of sound bites: “Guns kill, therefore guns are bad, therefore guns should be banned.”

In fact, all the positions of the Left Wing, the totalitarian wanna-bes du jour, are conveyed by mindless slogans designed for an increasingly less educated, less thoughtful, more juvenile public: “Government should do something about…”  “It’s common sense…”  “It’s for the children.”

Let Mommy and Daddy take care of everything.  You’re not smart enough, and you might hurt yourself.

This is particularly appropriate for gun control, since the worst fear of those authoritarian politicians is an independent, armed citizenry that thinks for itself.  After all, that’s who we used to be when we started this country. 

But now, after forty years of self-perpetuating teachers’ unions training good little get-along collectivists (that’s you), we have… what?  A nation of dependent, whining, ignorant children.

But there are still some of us who remember how to think, and who know enough about what happened to other people in the past (it’s called history) to distrust any government.  So, unlike you kids living in your simpler fantasy world, I guess we’ll have to get by with longer explanations of REAL common sense, and boring lessons of history, and even a bit of reasoning.

As for you, grow up.  And learn how to use the shift key.