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Woman kills 1 intruder, other flees

Citizen Staff Writer
Originally published here on Feb. 19, 2001

A woman shot and killed one of two suspected robbers who had broken into her home before dawn today, a sheriff's spokesman said.

The other robber fled the home, in the 11000 block of South Wells Fargo Road, about three miles southeast of Three Points.

He was still at large at noon today, said Sheriff's Sgt. James Ogden.

After questioning the woman who fired the gun and another woman who was in the home, detectives determined the suspect who fled is acquainted with at least one of the women.

Detectives have a tentative identification of the man, Ogden said. A description of the man was not available.

Ogden said the woman shot at the second man as he ran from the home, but detectives do not think he was hit.

The women were in the home when two men "burst into the house" shortly before 2 a.m. and "restrained" the women, Ogden said. He would not comment on how the women were restrained.

As the men looked through the house, Ogden said, one of the women managed to free herself, get a pistol and shoot at one of the intruders.

Ogden said he did not know what demands the men may have made when they broke into the home or what they were seeking.

He also said he did not know whether either of the men were armed.

Both women were questioned and released by detectives this morning and are staying either with a friend or relative, Ogden said.

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