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Homeowner Kills Robber after Being Pistol Whipped

Originally reported here on February 19, 2001 as:
Homeowner Kills Robber; Cobb Police Look for Two Others


(WSB Radio) A 21-year-old homeowner mugged as he walked into his Flags West apartment Saturday night managed to grab a pistol and shoot one of the men who'd robbed and pistol-whipped him. Cobb Police spokesman Dana Pierce tells WSB's Veronica Waters, "One of the three suspects was fatally wounded in the hallway of the apartment, and the other two suspects fled from the scene, leaving the area in a white type of vehicle." Now, police need help identifying the slain robber.  
Cobb Police say one of three black male suspects was fatally shot by the man they attacked in a pistol-whipping home invasion on Six Flags Drive. The slain suspect's identity is still unknown.  
The homeowner, who'd just arrived at his Flags West apartment, says three men forced their way into his home as he tried to close the door. Two suspects attacked him, while a third took the homeowner's mother--who was babysitting a young child at the time--into a back bedroom to get any cash or jewelry she owned. Police spokesman Dana Pierce tells WSB the other suspects then dragged the homeowner into the back room as well. "Two males were on top of him, kicking and beating him," Pierce says. "One of the three tried to take the homeowner's coat, and at some point he was able to get to a pistol. As the three males began to leave, he was able to shoot one of them."  
Police believe the slain suspect to be relatively young, between 16-20 years old. He is a black male, 5'8", about 130-140 pounds, with brown eyes, short brown hair, "and what investigators termed to be 'peach fuzz' similar to a moustache," Pierce says.  
Pierce tells WSB the suspect had unique accessories. "The unique thing that he was wearing was a channel gold cross, inlaid with about 100 diamonds. The size of this gold cross was about two-and-a-half inches tall, and about an inch and three-quarters wide. He also had his eyeteeth outlined in gold."  
Anyone who may know the dead man, or has information on the other suspects who got away in a white vehicle described as a possible Mercury Cougar, is asked to call the Cobb County Police Crimes Against Persons department at (770)499-3945.

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