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Jewelry salesman fires on two armed robbers

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Gun experts warn to think before you shoot
On February 21, 2001

Salem (Massachusetts) Evening News staff

When two men attacked and robbed a jewelry salesman last week in Peabody, the victim fired eight shots at the bad guys before they got away.

Police are still investigating the Feb. 13 attack in which a 56-year-old gemologist was pistol-whipped and robbed by two men in the parking lot of Martoni Jewelers on Route 1 in Peabody.

The victim reportedly fired off eight rounds of his 9mm handgun as his attackers fled, blowing out the windows of parked cars. The robbers fired back a single shot. No one was injured in the shooting. The robbers escaped and are still at large.

Police have not revealed the exact circumstances of the shooting, and local firearms experts caution that it's difficult to judge an incident without knowing all of the facts.

But in the wake of the episode, and the frightening notion of eight bullets whizzing through a busy public area in broad daylight, experts emphasized the need for gun owners to know the guidelines that govern the use of deadly force.

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