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Man stops three murderous attackers with a gun
They stabbed him after he took them home for a steak dinner.

Originally ran here as:
Man stabbed after picking up 3 hitchhikers
March 3, 2001, The Gazette

DEBEQUE - A man who picked up three hitchhikers, offered them a place to stay and took them home for a steak dinner was repeatedly stabbed when the people he was helping tried to rob him, police said.

Charles Harris, 48, was in serious condition Friday at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, said Janet Prell, a spokeswoman for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. He had stab wounds in his head, chest and arms.

A suspect, Harold Scott, 19, was in critical condition at the hospital after being shot by Harris during the attack, Prell said. Two other suspects were in custody.

Harris picked up two men and a woman Thursday evening. They were hitchhiking near Fruita, about 200 miles west of Denver. Note: Had Mr. Harris not had a gun, he would be dead. Anyone who cannot see that is blind and ignorant as a boot. While it is obviously ill-advised to pick up three hitchhikers, it is safe to say that Mr. Harris wanted to help people in need. Anyone who'd say he was wrong for defending his own life when death was the only other option is a sick, sick person. Long live Mr. Harris, and Godspeed in his recovery.

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