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Store owner shoots, kills brutal robber
The robber was beating him with a shovel handle.

Originally ran here as:
Newberry convenience store shooting leaves one dead
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March 11, 2001

WISTV, South Carolina ( -- Louise Chaplin was relaxing with her grandchildren at her home in Newberry.

She wanted to get in a nap after the night she had.

Chaplin was on her way to Wal-Mart when she saw a shooting at the BP Station at the corner of Highway 121 and Pope Street.

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster says a male and female clerk had closed up and were leaving the store at about 12:30am Saturday morning when it happened.

Foster says the woman was not hurt, but one of the robbers attacked the man, "Two men came out of the bushes, one of the men had a shovel handle that had been broken off and began to beat him, beat him about the head, neck and then the arms."

The Sheriff says the man with the shovel handle was Andy Lowe of Cartersville, Georgia.

Police say Lowe attacked the store clerk near bushes at the BP.

The clerk managed to escape and Lowe followed, but it was enough time for the clerk to pull out a gun and fire at Lowe.

He died in the parking lot.

The second man is said by police to be, James Jenkins, 17, from Newberry County.

Foster says he ran away from the crime scene, but officers caught him Saturday morning after
relatives turned him, "He is flip about it, quite frankly, but he is cooperative and again I
attributed that to him being just a kid."

Jenkins has been charged with armed robbery.

Sheriff Foster says he could also face murder charges for being involved in a crime where violence resulted in death.

Foster also says the female clerk knew the two men involved, but she's considered a witness and not a suspect.

The injured clerk, who is also part owner of the store, was treated and released at Newberry County hospital.

Attorney General Charlie Condon said earlier this year he would not prosecute people if they kill someone invading their home or property.

WIS spoke with Condon's office Saturday and a spokesman says this case doesn't fall under the statement from the Attorney General.

Robb McBurney says the case appears to be one of self defense. Note:  We commend WISTV for doing a decent write-up -- and a very thorough video -- of this event.  It is fortunate indeed that the victim had a gun, or he may very well be dead today.

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