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Anti-gun Group on the Ropes
Victory Over the "Million" Mom March

from Angel Shamaya

A recent report on the fraudulent practices of the so-called "Million" Mom March has helped force the organization to leave the city property where it has been operating for free for two years.

These ladies had maybe 40,000 people at their so-called "Million" Mom March.The report that helped push them out is called Fraudulent Gun Control Politics At The Million Mom March by Jim March and Nadja Adolf -- refined and published by, where we reached exposure on Yahoo and several other prominent news outlets. If you didn't see the report, it's the top item in our "Million" Misguided Mothers archive, found here:

Also of interest is the fact that the San Francisco Examiner has reported this fact and even quotes Jim March -- originator of the investigation into MMM's stealing public funds. Though the Examiner's report doesn't come close to doing the situation justice, it's quite pleasing to see a mainstream news outlet helping expose the outright fraud of this manufactured political organization masquerading as a "common sense" group. Do bear in mind that the MMM has supported outright gun bans. 

Here is the Examiner's reporting of the MMM's having to leave their stolen office space:

Heaps of kudos go to Jim and Nadja for taking the initiative to expose these people.

Further investigations are underway in multiple states to expose every last way the "Million" Mom March is using public funds to push a political agenda. The fact that they want to disarm lawful, decent people and leave them defenseless against the criminal element is bad enough, but using our own money to do it is vile, despicable, and will not be tolerated.

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