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The “Unregulated” Gun

Teddy bears are more regulated than guns.” -- Violence Policy Center

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( -- The idea that guns are less regulated than everything from household items to teddy bears is getting quite a bit of airplay these days.  Many anti-rights groups are stating plainly that guns have very little regulation.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and even a quick look at the facts will show any thinking person how deceptive such a statement truly is.

Following are just a few of the facts about the regulation of guns in America. When you are done reading this simple list, ask yourself if the anti-rights people are being honest—or not.

  • Gun Laws of America is 384 pages of just the federal statutes that regulate guns—more than 88,000 words. Additionally, the associated federal regulations interpreting these laws are even larger.  Minimum penalty for a violation is typically 5 years in federal prison for every offense.  The budget for the thousands of gun-regulating bureaucrats is in the billions and constantly growing.  Everything even remotely criminal about gun use is already totally illegal.”  –Alan Korwin, Author, Gun Laws of America,

  • It is estimated that there are between 22,000 and 30,000 gun laws on the books in America.  Those laws include restrictions on possession, carry, distribution, storage, transfer, manufacture, sale, ownership, importation, use and more.  Some types of guns are heavily taxed while others are banned entirely for large segments of the American population—including, in some cases, guns that were carried by George Washington himself (current carrying laws in New York would require Washington’s arrest).

  • The longest single gun law on the books is 8,307 words with a 3,710-word list as an appendix.  A long article in a newspaper runs 2,000 words.

  • Federal agents can wiretap citizens for gun crimes, or even suspicion of gun crimes where “anonymous” informants point the finger at someone—even if that someone committed no crime.

  • Our children are precious to us, and yet there is a federal law banning qualified principals, teachers and parents from defending them with guns even though arming teachers stopped school violence in Israel.

  • Peaceful American citizens are sitting in jails and prisons for mere possession of guns—when those guns were never used nor intended to be used to hurt anyone.  People have collectively spent untold millions of dollars in legal fees defending themselves in court against charges that involved their guns—when their guns were never used to violate the rights of another, and there are no victims.

  • There are laws in some states mandating that guns in people’s homes (private property) be stored according to government edicts—and some well-meaning but misguided people are pushing for a national “lock up your self-defense” law even though it is prohibited by the Constitution. There are numerous instances where people were victimized by criminals because they were unable to access their self-defense tools.

  • Gun buyers must go through background checks, waiting periods, and get licenses if they wish to carry concealed (or sometimes in plain sight)—but a surprising number of our public servants have exempted themselves from these (and many other) laws.

  • Self-defense with a firearm is banned in many cities and states in America. These “laws” are enforced by police and prosecutors—with the force of guns bought with our tax money. A pregnant mother of two who works nights and walks home—in some areas of America—has no choice but to submit to violent people if confronted. If she lives, the police—her public servants—will come and take her report, with guns strapped on their belts.

  • Teddy Bears are not sequentially numbered, with massive penalties for altering even one digit.

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