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Million Moms Libel the TRT, Advocate the Use of Force

by Ari Armstrong

May 2, 2001

My mom always told me to tell the truth.

Unfortunately, that's a lesson that doesn't seem to have sunk in with the leaders of the Million Mom March.

In an e-mail dated April 25, the Denver chapter libeled Bob Glass and other members of the Tyranny Response Team. The e-mail, sent to, states:

"While all of our opponents have a right to express their views and try to counter ours by peaceful protest, writing letters to the editor and talking to the legislators, etc., the TRT have routinely attempted to silence our voice and stop our meetings by bullying and intimidation. As defenders of the Bill of Rights, we find it incongruous that they systematically attempt to deny ours..."

Put simply, that is a flat-out lie. The TRT has never attempted to use force to "silence" the Million Moms or stop them from meeting. The TRT has never attempted to deny Million Mom members their civil right of free speech. Instead, TRT leaders like Bob Glass have called for and pursued the peaceful exercise of the First Amendment right of free speech. Glass has stated unequivocally that the Million Moms have equal rights of speech.

True, the TRT is intentionally confrontational in the sense that its members plan counter-rallies at Million Mom events. Hey, that's America! Apparently, the Million Moms think the First Amendment should also be limited to what they deem is appropriate.

As Glass has also argued, it is the Million Mom group that seeks to use force to strip others of their civil rights. Specifically, the Million Mom group seeks to turn the mere peaceable possession and trade of private property into a crime. The Million Moms explicitly seek to ban certain self-defense tools and force all gun owners to register with the federal government. Of course, such restrictions are backed up by SWAT agents armed to the teeth with full authority to bust down doors in the middle of the night.

Members of the TRT advocate peaceful human co-existence and civil rights, while the Million Mom group advocates the use of force and violence against peaceable citizens.

As a case in point, the Denver Million Moms advocate using force to disarm legal adults ages 18-20. Citizens in this group can fight in wars, get married, and have children. Yet the Million Moms want to strip them of their fundamental civil right of self-defense. The e-mail from the group states:

"Please CALL your Senator and encourage him or her to vote for SB225!!!! And against HRC 1001.

"SB225 requires parental permission for anyone in the age bracket of 18-21 to obtain a handgun. (transfers under age 18 are illegal by federal law). This would match federal law for private sales and avoid confusing of conflicting laws. 18- and 19- year olds commit more crimes than any other age group. 84% of the crime guns seized from 18-24 year olds are handguns. Because of the inherent responsibility required of a person drinking alcohol, legal drinking is not permitted until 21. Shouldn't it be the same for purchasing a handgun?

"President Bush supports SB 225 as written and would even go one step farther: "Bush supports raising the age from 18 to 21 to POSSESS a handgun without parental supervision." See If the President can support it, so can the Governor and everybody else....

"Additionally, the Governor should be reminded of the importance of this bill. (And also reminded that this was part of his proposed package of gun safety measures."

True, federal law prohibits 18-20 year olds from purchasing some firearms. But that's an argument only for repealing the unjust federal laws.

The vast majority of 18-20 year olds are responsible adults, not criminals. They should not be treated like criminals. Only the tiny minority who harm the person or property of someone else should be treated as criminals.

Yes, legal adults ages 18-20 should also have the right to purchase any beverage they choose. There is simply no substantiation to the claim that raising the drinking age in Colorado contributed to the decline in drunk driving deaths. Instead, that decline is attributable wholly to better education and enforcement efforts. (During the years the higher drinking age was implemented, drunk driving deaths actually increased, bucking the previous trend.) But the issue of alcohol is relatively trivial. The right to buy alcohol is not guaranteed by the U.S. or Colorado Constitution. An alcoholic beverage cannot save your life if a criminal breaks into your home and threatens your children.

Finally, the fact that Bush and Owens support such laws is beside the point. Previous politicians supported slavery and forced segregation, even though it was morally wrong.

The Million Moms' attitude of "rights for me but not for thee" is also manifest in another section of the e-mail:

"House Concurrent Resolution 1001, changing the initiative process

"One of our members pointed out point about HCR 1001 which will restrict the initiative process like that used to close the gunshow loophole. 'One very salient point not made concerning HCR 1001 is that it very likely is unconstitutional. The Colorado State Supreme court has already ruled that restrictions such as those presented in HCR 1001 are unconstitutional.' Good point to use -- voting for this bill will waste taxpayers money in the court challenge and eventual loss. Call your senator."

There are good reasons to oppose the initiative bill, but why does the Million Mom group ignore the constitution generally? Both Amendment 22 and the bill to strip adults ages 18-20 of their right of self-defense violate the Colorado Constitution, which states:

"The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property... shall be called in question..."

Even Bill Clinton would be hard-pressed to find an ambiguity in that statement.

Unfortunately, as their e-mail makes clear, leaders of the Denver Million Mom March are so intent on imposing their will through the use of force that they are willing to lie to get their way.

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