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Trial set for serial rapist shot by senior woman

Originally ran in The Gazette at this location
on May 9, 2001
with a title of:
"Trial set for Security man charged with rape"

An Aug. 14 trial date was set Tuesday for a 40-year-old Security man accused of burglarizing homes and raping older women.

Anthony Peralez is charged with burglarizing, raping and beating a 56-year-old woman Sept. 2 on North Sheridan Avenue and a 74-year-old woman Aug. 6 on Eagle View Drive. He is also charged with burglarizing, kidnapping and raping a 51-year-old Security woman Sept. 12, 1999, on Rosemont Drive.

Peralez was arrested Nov. 18 after police said he tried to break into the home of a 72-year-old Knob Hill woman, who shot him twice.

In all, Peralez faces 54 charges in four cases.

The Gazette Note: Sarah Brady/HCI and their clones are telling people all over America that they'll be safer in their homes if they'll get rid of their guns.  So we ask:  Would the above 72-year-old woman have been safer without her gun?  (And how many other women might that punk have attacked -- and would they also have been safer from him if they were defenseless? If so, why?)

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