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HCI Agrees with the NRA

from Angel Shamaya

HCI, who now wishes to be called "The Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence" just came out with an online game for children.  The goal of the game is to help kids make good choices regarding gun safety. We applaud this effort.

The game involves making choices when presented with various scenarios involving guns. "What if" situations.  In each scenario, choices are presented, and input offered as to the rightness or wrongness of the choices made.

In one of the scenes, when the "right" choice is made, the following text is presented:

"GOOD JOB!!!! NEVER PICK UP OR PLAY WITH A GUN!!! A GUN IS NOT A TOY!!!!! If you or a friend find a gun, do not touch it! Leave the area immediately and go find an adult to tell them about the gun..."

That's pretty much what the NRA's Eddie Eagle program promotes.

In fact, on the NRA's fancy new Eddie Eagle site, we find the following quote:

"With firearms present in about half of all American households, all young children should know the single most important rule of being 'GunSafe.' If you see a gun: STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult." [emphasis theirs]

Interestingly, HCI has taken a stand against the NRA's efforts to bring the Eddie Eagle program to wider audiences of America's youngsters. One can only surmise that their reasoning involves the fact that the NRA promotes gun ownership while HCI opposes it.

Much can be discerned from reading the HCI mission statement on their website. Among other little jewels of authenticity, we find the following statement:

"The Brady Campaign and the Brady Center believe that a safer America can be achieved without banning all guns." [emphasis mine]

Do note the word "all" at the end of their friendly-sounding statement. Does that mean we get to keep our single-shot .22 rifles like the Brits, Mrs. Brady?

Were this woman and her minions intellectually honest, they'd be praising the NRA's Eddie Eagle program for mirroring their own views. Instead, we get Sarah Brady comparing Eddie Eagle with the camel used by Camel cigarettes to promote smoking. The fact that Sarah Brady is dealing with lung cancer but reportedly still smoking does not go unnoticed.

It's the camel's fault Mrs. Brady herfs stogies, and it's the gun's fault her husband had to do his job and protect President Reagan from some nutjob who wanted to impress an actress by shooting a President.

So much for personal responsibility. So much for integrity.

For a classic example of BS 101, file over to Read any page with your thinking cap on and you'll see what I mean.