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Who are you pleading with?

by Ed Lewis

June 26, 2001

The writer has sat in front of this machine sending out individual emails to people it would appear at first to be as concerned about Liberty and the Constitution for the United States of America as he is. But, as he clicks on emails addresses, he rapidly reads comments by those people who “signed’ petitions and the like. And, what he reads is most discouraging. Why? Well, that is what the writer hopes to answer.

Many comments are along the lines of “Please give us back our country”. “Restore the Constitution”, “Give us back our Republic”, and “Please give me my liberty.” Does anyone else see the problem?

Then, there are those that say something like “Give me liberty or give me death” or “I will fight to the death when government tries to take my guns…” but – don’t sign their names or make up email addresses or both. Need more hints?

Then, there are the ones that go into these long-winded treatises about how they love this country and the founding principles, that we must not allow our forefathers to have died in vain, that we must restore our liberty -- and then do not give an email address so they can be reached for potentially becoming part of an organized effort.

It’s even worse when they make all the grandiose statements about freedom and our rights, how government is failing us, that we must get organized, that they are armed and ready, and all that other swell sounding rhetoric. Apparently, though, all the rhetoric is so much swill since they put only their first names (some just use a nickname) or some made up ‘cool-sounding???’ or, pardon the express – “smart-ass” name and/or comment on the petition. And then, maybe sit back and congratulate themselves for doing their part.

The writer could go through many more examples but the above should serve the purpose of keying people to what is wrong.

First, who or what are people pleading with? The government? Good, God, the government has created the problems and forced the Constitution for the United States of America into near non-existence. 

Are they pleading with their God? Since when is it God’s job to guide the behaviors of Man? Isn’t it our job to guide our own behaviors, to exercise the free-will we were given?

If one can’t sign his or her name to a petition, or put down the right name and email address, or is afraid to list an email address, how does one expect to get anything done? Will people who are afraid to sign their correct name pick up a firearm, aim it at a fellow citizen or human being, and shoot them dead for helping to establish martial law? Are they just waiting for someone else to do it for them? Are they waiting for the 50 percent or more who do not have the slightest idea of what is going on? 

Are they waiting for those (maybe 25 percent) who do know but will not get organized with others who think basically as they do – but with minor differences? The differences are so small but, yet, seem to loom in an abyss when it comes to the experts who profess to be intent on educating – but practically - just as intent on not joining with other experts. 

Look, Folks, change does not come from waiting on others to do it for you. Change comes from having the will and intestinal fortitude to take action. Your fear will diminish as action is taken. Fear will diminish as individuals become part of groups, and then those groups unite in common purpose into larger groups. 

Do not pray for changes – work for changes and pray what you do works or that you have the strength to keep going. 

Do not plead for changes – no one is listening. Take action and make yourself heard.

If you don’t, forget all your high-minded ideas and liberty for yourself and your descendants. They will be buried in tyranny that is certain to deprive all men of their God-given rights.

"Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will feel secure around you." ~~ Maryanne Williamson