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Manhood and Appearances

by Tom Bratland

It seems to me that the extent which one is bourgeois is the extent one is in kinship with the accepted status quo, that most people's efforts are mostly directed toward understanding and dealing with appearances, surface reality, the veneer of things, and to anticipate the future based on that "reality".

And they're not about to let their waters be muddied by the fact that the past verily screams at us the evident truth that History's principal agenda is incredible social upheaval driven by unspeakable evil--by the fact that Man's primary calling has been to genocide.

Much has been said about the emasculation of America. I'll not add to that except to remind you that it is for good reason that courage and honesty stand at the pinnacle of manly virtues. Clearly, for a man to be a man--for him to meet the imperatives of his very manhood--he must first find within himself the courage and honesty of self to dispassionately examine the world so to see it as it is, not as does that common man in the herd of common men who live as fashionable children frolicking in the Mall, mindless and content.

Tom Bratland is a former SEAL who served in Viet Nam.