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Do you Hear the ride of Paul Revere?

She is calling

This is the story of a 55 year old son of an American Revolution farmer picking up the musket and riding for freedom.


Here is how you can tell.

Sometime in the first half of 1999 I began to realize that my belief of safety from criminal and criminals was false.  I had for a long time believed that we were safe--living in the United States--and crime happened on the other side of the track.  My family lives in a nice neighborhood, with little crime.

Two Hundreds years of freedom is at risk.

Then the media began blasting the need for more “gun laws” on honest people as the solution to crime.  At first I tolerated their views.  But the facts and figures on the nightly news by spin politicians, or in the paper did not ring true to my vast education and world experience.

Our independence is at risk.

As I researched issues of self defense, our rights and our founding fathers, I realized our rights were being abused, taken away by politicians and liberal groups promote big government to solve all your problems. 

I purchased and read the book “911 and Die.”  It opened my eyes to the false security (dial 911 in an emergency) constructed by our state statutes in every state.  Police have no responsibility to protect an individual, only the general public.  The light bulb was beginning to shine.

Our Nation is at risk.

I have struggled to find the words to describe my feelings, describe the serious rage swallowing the media spin, government statistics, and both politicians and gun grabbers stuffed our way, hoodwinking me and millions of citizens.  Pictures of brain dead, herding sheep, gullible idiots and other metaphors came to mind.

The picture was sharper now focus, focus, focus, the state of our nation, our rights and most importantly our self-defense rights slipping away in 25,000 new gun laws.  The question was, who is leading the attack.  Gun grabbers from all fronts, the United Nations, to politicians, to the local misguided mommy marchers funded by interest groups wanting total and absolute power, victims groups across our nation raiding our treasury.  These raiders were not the rugged stock of our founding fathers.  They were scum.

During my hundreds of hours of research my personal library grew to 1000 articles, but failed to capture the "fight to fight."  Then Mrs. Ruth Price rode into my life.  This is a story for every woman in America, mother, daughter, grandmother, handicap, elderly retiree, and son in this Nation.  The struggle to survive, the struggle for independence -- the struggle for life.

My family's ability to defend self is at risk.

I cannot ever achieve the honestly in her voice as she tells her story.  Gun Rights is not about hunting. The battle for American rights started 225 years ago when my family name was involved in the American Revolution.  For me to ignore my family generations who bled at Bunker Hill, the Battle of the Wilderness, WWII, and the Korean War without having even fought these fights... my ancestors would label me the worst kind of coward, punishable by death.

Mrs. Ruth Price is my “Paul Revere.”

As a loving grandmother, HERE IS MRS. PRICE:

Mrs. Price wishes your complete and undivided attention.
(Click the above link to hear Mrs. Price's story.)

She speaks to me often. Bad guys don't live by the rules.

Who needs protection? The women of our lives, and our children, the poor who have little police protection, our grandparents, and parents, our wives, and our daughters.   2.2 million felons in jail, 3.5 million felons on probation, and 14 million drug abusers looking for their next fix.

Do you think criminals live in your city?  Gun free zones are killing zones for criminals.  What is your self defense plan? Do you have one?  What is the plan when the criminal  shows up at your door or approaches you on the street?  What is your strategy?  Politicians and Criminals love disarmed subjects.  What is your plan to rid our country of those politicians?

Mrs. Price has more to say.

Mrs. Ruth Price also lived through this period when history was not kind to Men, Women and children and did not fight for their freedoms.  The recorded history for thousands of years calls out a warning for those who will listen.  Are you listening?

Mrs. Ruth Price offers this memory from “Mothers of the past,” speaking directly to soccer moms, and Baseball father coaches of today.  The “First Million Mom March”:

Soccer Mom, and Dads of the country take note.





Will you honor your father, mother, and country?


For me I know.

·        It is now my turn to pick up the musket

·        Get on my horse

·        Hit the road

·        Ride the ride

·        Talk the talk

·        Risk the friendships

·        As we discuss the freedoms at risk.

Are you ready to saddle up and ride?  


Those that are fighting the good fight, have to hear the ride of Paul Revere.

MRS. PRICE is calling.  Do you hear her?  Her name is freedom, independence.


There is only one question I have for you?  You know the question?

Every morning I awake, get on my horse and ride.  You see... 

Everyday is Independence Day for me.

--Paul Williams