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Will the I.R.S. Kill this Man?

Kurt Amesbury, J.D.

This issue isn't exactly Second Amendment related, but I sense that most folks who visit this site will have some interest in the topic. [KABA NOTE] I've received several e-mails over the past few weeks containing text akin to that I've copied below. Now I will say that I don't know much about Bob Schulz, and I don't know if he will actually starve himself to death in protest of the IRS refusal to cite the source of their authority to take away a quarter to half of everything we earn. But I have to give him credit for pushing for straight answers from a Federal government that we can all agree has taken far too much, returned too little and been less than honest with the citizenry.

With this in mind, I encourage you to read about Schulz, and perhaps spend a few minutes to do as he asks. Write a couple emails. Phone the comment lines. And most importantly, ask the press why they aren't covering a story about a man who is already a week into a hunger strike whose chief demand is an accounting from the Federal government.

There was a time when our government was "of the People, by the People, for the People", when a man might ask a question of his government and expect an answer. I think Bob Schulz is due an answer. If you concur, make the phone call. Write the e-mail. Send a fax. Tell the government you would like Bob Schulz to get an answer. And while they're at it, you'd like an answer too.


Kurt Amesbury, JD

On Sunday, July 1st, Robert Schulz, a leading advocate for lawful government for over twenty years, will be in Washington, D.C., fasting. He will fast either until he dies or until the IRS agrees to send experts to a public forum to refute evidence of researchers from the Tax Honesty Movement as to their allegations of the unconstitutionality of the federal income tax system, and its unlawful enforcement. To date, the IRS has abdicated its duty to the People of this nation by refusing to respond to any of this evidence - all of which is based on independently-verifiable historical and legal research and empirical data.


1. PHONE THE PRESIDENT. He has a "Comment Line", which tells citizens "your call is important to the President", and eventually connects you to a real person. The phone number is (202) 395-3000.

2. WRITE THE PRESIDENT. His fax number is: (202) 456-2461. His mailing address is: The White House, Washington, DC 20500.

3. E-MAIL THE PRESIDENT. His e-mail address is This is definitely NOT the best way to reach him, but it should be included as part of an overall strategy of covering all bases.


The easiest way is to go to the web site: Under "Elected Officials", fill in your zip code and all contact information appears: phone numbers, fax numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail links. Again, do NOT rely solely on e-mail to get your message through.


The easiest way is to go to the web site: Under "Guide to the Media", fill in your zip code and the various publications in your area and beyond will appear from which you can access the necessary contact information, including for Letters to the Editor.

KABA NOTE:  We must remember that the Boston Tea Party -- and, many will agree, a primary reason to revolt from the Brits in the 1700's -- was directly tied to overtaxation.  Though we do not wish to open the publishing floodgates to every tax-related article ever written, we will publish insightful taxation articles and alerts from time to time, and we just opened a Taxation Archive with the publication of this report.  Our archive submission form can be found here: