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Man shoots bobcat after it attacks dog

Originally ran here in the "Briefs" section, entitled:
"Man shoots bobcat after it attacks his dog"
Tuesday, July 10, 2001, Charlotte Observer

CALDWELL COUNTY -- A bobcat attacked a dog in a remote corner of Caldwell County on Sunday night, and animal control officials are testing to see if it was rabid.

Bob Kabler, who lives in the Buffalo Cove community, said the bobcat attacked his Dalmatian as the dog slept in a doghouse. Kabler grabbed a shotgun and shot the animal as it came onto his porch and bared its teeth.

Follow-up Story, published here on July 12, 2001:

CALDWELL COUNTY -- LENOIR -- A bobcat that attacked a dog in rural Caldwell County on Sunday has tested positive for rabies.

It's Caldwell County's eighth rabies case this year. On Sunday, Bob Kabler shot the bobcat after it attacked his dog then came toward him. The dog received a rabies booster shot.

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