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Police clear man who killed attempted home invader

Originally ran here as:
"Antioch man kills suspect in botched home invasion"
By SHEILA BURKE, Tennessean Staff Writer
Tuesday, 07/17/01

TENNESSEE -- Metro police have determined that an Antioch homeowner was justified when he shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to break into his house early yesterday morning.

Gregory L. Jenkins, 27, of 4615 Artelia Drive, fired several shots at his back door when he awoke and saw a broken window and someone trying to get into his home. Someone outside shot back at him and Jenkins returned the fire, fatally wounding 23-year-old Eddrick Cleveland of 129 Lytle St.

Cleveland and his cousin, Donnie Lee Rucker Jr., 25, went to Jenkins' house armed with rifles, police said. The two walked into his back yard at about 12:30 a.m.

Police said Cleveland got on the back deck of the residence and broke out a window in the back door. The breaking of the glass woke Jenkins, who grabbed his gun and went to investigate the noise.

Investigators said Rucker fired back at Jenkins. Jenkins shot Cleveland in the chest when he returned the suspect's fire.

Rucker helped Cleveland get back to their car and then drove him to Southern Hills Medical Center. Cleveland was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he later died.

Police arrested Rucker, of 205 Manchester Ave., and charged him with attempted aggravated robbery. He was in Metro Jail last night, with bail set at $25,000.

Police said Cleveland and Rucker selected Jenkins' house because they thought there were drugs or drug money at the home. No drugs were found inside, and the homeowner denied involvement in drug activity.

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