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ATTN: American Law Enforcement
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The email that follows comes from a very popular law enforcement discussion list on the Internet, reserved to sworn personnel. As you might imagine, the topics and interests are varied, the discussions are lively, and politics inserts itself often enough. 


Please feel free to share this with American Law Enforcement Officers. It speaks for itself!


Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 13:23:34 +1000

From: "A.Bernhardt" <**@**.COM.AU>

Subject: Re: CCW (#2001-387)


Dear List,


Its rare that I make comments or put in my 2 cents worth but I will be on this issue.


For all my mates in the US, think yourselves lucky that you CAN carry off-duty, that you CAN carry spare ammo, that you CAN have a shotgun in in the car, that you HAVE decent training and supervisors who know what they're on about. I was impressed with the professionalism and level of expertise shown by all the police departments when I traveled throughout the US last year.


Slightly different in Australia, we CANNOT carry off-duty, CANNOT carry more than 1 spare magazine (unless you're a weapons trainer and its for training purposes only), DON'T have shotguns anymore (they're all locked away at central store in the city! or carried by our SWAT team that take 3 hours to get authorisation to activate and call out). We have firearms training (94 rounds), defensive tactics and baton training once per year. We can't go to the range whenever we feel like to maintain firearms proficiency. If we want to shoot, have to join a pistol club but can't use police issue weapon. However at least the department changed over to Glocks after we lost 2 officers at a domestic violence related shooting who had revolvers.


As for carry off duty, I got a death threat when working gangs in Sydney last year and applied for permission to carry my firearm off-duty. Others in my unit also got threats. We took the threat very seriously after scoped rifle, 2 glocks, numerous other SLP's and police ID cards were located during search warrant. But guess what, permission was declined as the risk assessment they conducted said 'Insufficient Information'. Their alternate solution to fix the problem I was to transferred immediately. 2 other officers following me not long after on compassionate grounds. We were not happy as we'd spent months making changes to the unit to specifically address the gang problem in our area of Sydney.


You need to stand united to ensure you don't loose that right to defend yourselves and your family. The outcome if US Law Enforcement can't recognise the need for officers from either other counties or states to carry will be simplesimple.....You'll all end up in my position: "Lock the Glock away at the end of the shift and go home with nothing"


Stay safe and wear your vests!


Adam Bernhardt

NSW Police



Note: This is MY opinion from streetwork. Not the official opinion of the NSW Police.

Visit the Second Amendment Police Department

Visit the Second Amendment Police Department