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by Lawrence M. Crouch

I AM an American

I AM NOT a European-American, African-American, Oriental-American, Hispanic-American, Native-American or any other ethnic group-American. I AM an American.

I AM NOT a Catholic-American, Protestant-American, Jewish-American, Moslem-American, Hindu-American, Buddhist-American or any other religion-American. I AM an American.

I AM NOT a Republican, Democrat, Liberatarian, Green, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Save the Whales, or any other party or causes first-American. I AM an American.

I AM NOT a rich-American, middle-class-American, poor-American, Rural-American or urban-American. I AM an American

And as an American, I resent being lumped into a hyphenated-American classification by faceless bureaucrats whose sole purpose seem to be to divide us as Americans.