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The Humorous Twist to
Anti-Gun-Rights Hypocrite Mark Wahlberg

The below presumes you have read David Codrea's article exposing the deeply ironic anti-gun hypocrisy of Hollywood criminal Mark Wahlberg. If you haven't, go read it before you give yourself a few belly laughs below; it'll be much more delightful:

To Anti-gun-rights Hypocrite, Mark Wahlberg,

Hope you got a good laugh denigrating lawful, decent gun owners in front of the MTV Movie Awards audience, Marky-boy. Now laugh at THESE, Pokey Poke:

Have a nice day. Next time you think about badmouthing the right of the people to keep and bear arms, think about the people who use them to save their own lives. And while you're here, Pokey Poke, send your friends a Pokey Poke Postcard.