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Man shoots three home intruders

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"Man shoots three home intruders"
by David Chernicky
Daily Press
August 30, 2001

1 dead, 2 injured; bullets penetrate neighbor's home

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. -- A visitor shot three intruders who stormed a Hampton apartment Wednesday morning, police said.

One of the intruders was killed and the others were wounded. At least seven bullets passed through a wall into an adjoining apartment as the tenant there slept. He didn't realize bullets penetrated his home until two Hampton patrol officers broke through the door to check on him.

The man killed, Derrick Lyons, 25, of Hampton, was found bleeding in the doorway of Heather Lake Apt. 165 on Tidemill Lane when police arrived shortly before 1 a.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hampton Police Cpl. Jimmie Wideman said one of the suspects, Marquis L. Corbin, knocked on the apartment door. Inside were men, including the guest who was not identified, and a woman. Detectives believe that Lyons and suspect Malike Allen donned masks and bandannas and stormed in when the door was opened after Corbin knocked.

Wideman said the guest immediately opened fire hitting all three invaders.

Corbin, who was not disguised, was identified by one of the three people inside the apartment.

Wideman said that after the gunfire, the wounded Corbin retreated and jumped in a car parked in the lot, and drove to his mother's house on Victor Street off Ivy Home Road.

Olethia Corbin said she knew her son was wanted for a probation violation, but was shocked when he showed up wounded. "He was crying, "Momma! Momma! I been shot! I been shot!" said Olethia Corbin, 43.

She said she didn't see the blood until her son collapsed on her new sofa.

John Hill, 26, who lives in the adjoining first-floor apartment at the shooting scene, said he never heard the shots.

Two uniformed police officers were in his home when he finally awakened. After determining that some of the bullets penetrated the walls, the officers went to check on the neighbor.

"When I didn't answer they broke down the door," Hill said. "I was totally amazed first that I was able to sleep through this. Had I been on the couch when the shooting was going on, I might have been hit."

Crime scene detectives retrieved bullets from Hill's gym bag, videocassette collection, door, carpet, and couch.

Police have been seeking Corbin since June on the probation violation. The charge stemmed from Corbin's failure to comply with the sentence for a conviction related to a shooting in 1995.

Corbin served about four years in the state prison for that shooting. Hampton police charged him in a later shooting but he was never convicted.

Lyons also was wanted by Hampton police. He was charged but not convicted of fatally shooting a man in the face as he sat in a car at a fast-food restaurant on Queen Street in 1996.

Detectives were interviewing the guest who shot the intruders late Wednesday afternoon. No charges had been filed against the man, but Wideman said the investigation is continuing.

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